By Staff Reporter

The African-American history is one rich with tales of truth embedded with affliction, separation and mostly triumphs. Despite the cruelty of having black men, women and children removed from their continent, their homes and their families by force and introduced to a whole new world that would see them as slaves over hundreds of centuries, the true spirit of Africa never left them. The rise from slavery has brought not only liberation for the African-American but the power of origin affording each and every single one of them an opportunity to come back home to their “fatherland”. To some it is a dream far out of reach whereas to others an opportunity to embrace and a journey to explore.

Rozetta Williams has turned once a dream into reality by embarking on an entrepreneurial journey that saw her land in West Africa – Gambia and has found her way thousands of miles into the southern Africa where she found home in Botswana. 

Since her arrival in February 2022, she has also visited East Africa and enjoyed the company of fellow entereprenuers in Zanzibar – famously called the spice Island. 

This former Michigander-turned-Hawaiian transplant, Rozetta is a visionary, entrepreneur, and transcontinental professional consultant and writer. She has over 17 years of experience in professional writing, including a seven-year and growing dedication to grant writing. 

She is the Founder and CEO of WriteTouch Consulting in Kauai, Hawaii. A company born from her gift of writing and passion for helping, her awareness of her community’s needs, and a desire to bring positive change.

Rozetta has decided to make South Africa her home and business headquarters in Africa. She takes this step as she also joins Mmadipotwana Media a multi-national TV Production and PR Communications Firm incorporated in South Africa and Nigeria respectively.

“I am ready to start this journey with Mmadipotwana Media, I look forward to our incredible synergy in building capacity for Africa’s eligibility for funding towards non-profit companies and non-governmental organisations. I love their work and I feel excited with representation by a black female owned entity, ” says Rozetta with a excitement and a tinge of confidence.

Moleboheng Matli, CEO and Executive Producer of Mmadipotwana Media, commented, “We have been in the business of brand architect over a decade now and we are honoured to work with Ms Williams. We have great plans ahead to be revealed one project at a time.”

Rozetta has just returned from the Federal Republic of Nigeria where she engaged with the African Union, African Tourism Board, Centre for Youth Integrated Development as well as local businesses. “This was her first business trip we facilitated in less than an month of joining us,” says Moleboheng. “We believe in action speaking louder than words, mostly as our slogan clearly assets, ‘Branding Africa Positively’.”