Amakhosi, Izinduna, Amabutho and Izangoma marched to the British High Commission to deliver a memorandum for Cleansing, Return of Bones/Skulls of our ancestors and Landownership.

Traditional Leaders, headmen, regiments and traditional healers. March to British High Commission deliver a memorandum on the 14th of July 2023 and the march was convened by Prince Zwide Nxumalo. The march was to demonstrate that no more shall traditional leaders send people or their subjects to represent them on the key issues that are facing by them and the memorandum is about the followings, cleansing of the state, returns of our ancestor’s bone which are stored in the British museums and land ownership.

During colonial era the British and Dutch murdered many Bantu Nation, Kings and Chieftains. Their spirit is not at peace in our true Bantu custom when a man does wrong in other man’s home, it goes without saying that the man who done wrong he pays for the damages and cleanse the family for his action.
Our heritage and culture still prevails. No matter how man presidents we have, political parties we have, nothing will ever be right until we cleanse the spirits including the British and Dutch. We as the true descendent of our kingdoms and chieftain’s we are led by the spirits of our forefather and if we temper with it we die, as today we have fake chieftains and after cleanse many of traditional leaders going to face hardship.

We want the British to acknowledge the damage they caused and help us fix the country cultural, the spirits are not at peace and all the killings of woman’s, poverty, drug abuse, crime, road accidents, disasters and the way the country is govern is because of this spirits, are not at easy and including the bone/skulls they took to Britain during that era to celebrate their victory by killing Bantu in the lands.

Landownership we want all the land belonged to traditional leaders that are still owned by whites returned to traditional leadership, we know that some white people have bought the land so we do not believe in expropriation of land without compensation as it will not do us any better, so we want the United Kingdom and Kingdom of Netherlands to buy back the lands that was only owned by traditional leaders in the next 50 years to come starting in 2024.

History states that during colony and apartheid whites did not buy lands from Bantu people and we do not want to fight but we want a smooth transition of land, we want ownership those who works the land will keep on working the land but lease them from Traditional Leadership so that the means of those lands benefit the people of tribal land. We also need all the records of white landowners how did they acquired during colonial era, the records of kingdoms, Paramount Chiefs, Chieftains they found, or recall their existence during colonial era. We need those historical background of our tribes and clans as they we writing them so we can rewrite our own true history.

The march was peaceful, monitored by Tshwane Metro Police and South African Police Service. The memorandum was accepted by the British official and we were promised that they will respond as we stimulated that we need respond within 7 working days so we can engage with them more. The British thanked us for the way we conducted ourselves and we would like to send our appreciation to the City of Tshwane Metro Police and SAPS for their excellent services they provided us.
Our second march is on the 31 of August 2023, we are marching to the Royal Netherlands Embassy to hand over the same memorandum as they colonized us. The march will be convening by Prince Zwide