In illustrating the significance of branding as alluded to in this week’s Publisher’s Comment, Jambo Africa Online’s Publisher, SAUL MOLOBI, profile’s a multimedia trailblazer, TSHEPISO MAFOKANE…

It’s dark and wet. A dark cloud is hovering in the sky. You get into a plane. The voice over the speaker system announces all the safety protocols on the plane with cabin attendants amplifying the messaging by demonstrations. Then the captain’s voice emerges, “we’re about to take off…”

The plane shoots through the dark clouds, it penetrates them. Then after going through the storms, a bright day emerges in the sky. Looking down through the window, the dark clouds divides the plane and the dark earth. It’s a sunny day again in the skies. The scenery is divine. Tranquility prevails. A thousand words could be written about this divine beauty one sees. That, ladies and gentleman, is what makes me miss flying.

Such a scene is probably what has Inspired Tshepiso Mafokoane to go into the visual arts. He’s a director at Smalltee Pictures. He has just been selected as the winner of the International Award, “Top 100 BRICS Entrepreneurs”. “We are a creative house with an extensive experience and focus on telling stories through stunning photography, videography, and audio.” Yes, “small tee” speaks to the humility of this young entrepreneur as It is actually one of the biggest Ts one will ever write, type or paint: yes it’s probably “t” for the young Tshepiso, but it is “T” for one of the Top 100 entrepreneurs in BRICS. This is big considering the BRICS member states have a combined estimated total population of about 3.21 billion, or 41.5% of the global population; and a combined GDP of $25 trillion or 24% of the world GDP. So, this is small “t” that this article is about is actually a humongously big “T”.

Furthermore, it is significant to situate the work Smalltee Pictures does within the brand management ambit – more especially now as the information superhighway has cluttered the market with a cacophony of original product service and product brands, substitution brands and plain copycats which make it extremely difficult for our consumers to make appropriate choices. So branding is critical for differentiation. “How something looks, how it works, how it’s written makes a real difference in how it communicates. In what it says about you. What it does for your brand. The more talented the creative help, the more you benefit,” says Tshepiso matter-of-factly.

Tshepiso has a solution. “Stand out from competitors with beautiful, distinctive luxury branding that speaks to aspirational buyers. We offer top-quality. You need the perfect arrangement to have the perfect representation. We know the ups and downs of the creative world inside and out. Our team is professional, and can help you with whatever you need… even make that pesky deadline.”

They established Smalltee Pictures “to help the growing world of business brands, products and services to inspire high-end national clients through incredible video production. We bring expertise in every dimension of digital imaging, marketing production and creative services to craft an image that will seduce and motivate luxury-minded audiences.”

Located in Pretoria east, their  production team prides itself in its unique approach to provide customized photography and video production solutions to their corporate and individual clients. “Our mantra is ‘never regret anything that made you smile’,” asserts Tshepiso. “This core philosophy sets us apart from the average point-and-shoot camera layman, and makes us stand out as experienced creative marketing specialists. It’s one thing to talk about your brand’s offerings. It’s another to see them come to life. Our team has the creative vision, the production gear and editing prowess, and unmatched experience to amplify your message with cinematic visuals that will captivate your audience and inspire their imaginations.”

The company’s bouquet of services in the broadcasting sector include live streaming; tv shows/drama production; documentaries; music videos; events; music; corporate functions; media; digital marketing; and public relations. The company also provides services in audio-video equipments.

“We develop perfectly-crafted times and integrated on-screen visual effects that enhance marketing campaigns and creative impact for any and all digital devices,” comments Tshepiso reassuringly.

The company doesn’t believe one size fits all. “Everything we do at Smalltee Pictures is custom-tailored to meet your business needs,” confirms Tshepiso. “Have an outside-the-box idea or a specific goal you need to meet? Send us a message and we’ll take it from there.”

Convergence is a buzz word more especially that the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has catapulted us into adopting digital or online media as it has increased their consumption to unparalleled levels. Tshepiso’s company is up to the task. “Beyond creating memorable digital content for luxury brands, we help them strategically reach the right people online.

“It’s through our curiosity of the cameras and strange affinity with dark photo rooms that we came to love the power of a still image. This love for still images eventually morphed into an obsession with the moving image, or the power of video. 

“At Smalltee Pictures, we understand that marketing grows more competitive each day. In order to stay on top of your social media marketing, it’s important to have fresh new content to test and refine your digital marketing campaigns. By having both photo and video content, our clients will always have fresh new content for their marketing campaigns.”

Indeed, a photo tells a thousand words. “Through the power of compelling storytelling, our team of freelance cinematographers create memorable videos that get us referrals and repeat business,” concurs the hyperactive Tshepiso. “We build brands through videography. We’ll work with any budget and with any scope to deliver the most compelling corporate video, camera drone footage or events videos to our clients.

“In today’s world where people are bombarded by social media ads and streaming videos, it’s important to have a compelling video to grab their attention. With the right video, you generate leads by showing how your product solves their problems. You can offer free trials or a guidebook in exchange for their contact info. Video is a great way to generate top of the funnel sales leads, and as a video production company, we will work with you to produce high quality, cinematic business videos.”

And content is the new gold. “Original content powers the world of digital marketing, and we create content that people love to like and share.”

“We research your brand, align with your business goals, review past efforts and analyze competitors’ work. This lets us develop ideas for media that will help your brand stand apart. After this, we brainstorm format, content, messaging options, and other project aspects.

“Once we’ve agreed on your plans and budgets, Smalltee Pictures assembles a team with the skills required to bring your project to life. We look for the sweet spot where creative success meets cost-efficient production, to give you the best product you can afford.

“Successful post-production starts with clear, mutually understood goals. This highly collaborative process incorporates client input to ensure that the final product exceeds all expectations, and we take special care to make the process enjoyable.”

Why trust Tshepiso? “Clients in top markets trust us with their product and vision, and time and again we deliver unforgettable media experiences that elevate their brand like never before. We have since 2020, secured 50 clients and executed over ten major projects,” he said with tons and tons of confidence.

The following are some of the company’s in-house projects this year and more coming


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