By Staff Reporter

The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA)’s led AfCFTA-anchored Pharmaceutical Initiative held a consultative meeting with Kenya Association of Pharmaceutical Industry (KAPI) on the 22ndJuly, 2022 at the Serena Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. The objective of the meeting was to introduce the AfCFTA-Anchored Pharmaceutical Initiative to KAPI as well as define collaborative roadmap between the two entities.

The meeting commenced with the AfCFTA-anchored Pharma Initiative National Consultant for Republic of Kenya, Dr. Edward Kamamia making a presentation in which he highlighted the historic events which led to the formation of the Pharma Initiative and took the meeting through a review of the global and regional framework and models which leveraged on the initiative’s three pillars, namely; Pooled-Procurement, localized Manufacture and Regulatory Quality & Standards of medicines.

In ensuing discussions, ECA Economic Affairs Officer & Technical Lead for the Pharma Initiative Ms. Jane Karonga informed the meeting of ongoing dialogues and engagements taking place with strategic partners on the operationalization of the AfCFTA-anchored Pharma Initiative. Discussions included presentation on the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing plan for Africa as well as Private Sector engagement on Public Private Partnerships (PPPs).

In response, KAPI Board Chairperson Dr. Winnie Ng’ang’a, Chairperson commented that majority of their membership were importers and as such, Harmonized and Regulatory Standards pillar was key to them. On pooled procurement pillar, the board was advised to encourage their members to comply with World Health Organization’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to be listed on the initiative’s pooled procurement database.

The Board further concurred that there was alignment on all three pillars of the Initiative and as such, there is need for further engagement.  They agreed that it was important for all partners to work closely with the African Medicines Agency (AMA) as well as refine areas of collaboration with other key partners, including AMSP.

The meeting ended with a commitment to support the AfCFTA-anchored Pharma Initiative on advocacy in ensuring quality standards of medicine and strengthening collaborative mechanisms on the 3 pillars of the initiative.