By Amba Mpoke-Bigg

A year after launching the EDGE certification(link is external) process, the African Development Bank has attained Level 1 Assess, in recognition of its commitment to monitoring, benchmarking and achieving gender parity in its workforce.

The Bank began the EDGE certification process in 2022. EDGE is the world’s leading certification that measures gender equity in the workplace.

The Bank is now EDGE certified at Level 1 (EDGE Assess), which recognizes the organization’s commitment to an impactful action plan to accelerate its progress across the 4 pillars of the EDGE Global Standards – representation, pay equity, policies and practices, and inclusiveness of culture.

“This is a new milestone in the Bank’s journey to join, under the leadership of our President Dr. Akinwumi A. Adesina, a global community of organizations committed to giving equal opportunities to men and women in the workplace,”said African Development Bank Acting Vice President Jacques Edjangue.

“Significant progress has been made on the Learning & Development front to empower our women in the workplace, ”the Acting VP added.

EDGE noted in a statement(link is external) on its website that the Bank, “by working to close gaps identified during the assessment, will continue to expand its efforts towards creating a more gender-equal workplace.”

The African Development Bank remains committed to pursuing initiatives and procedures that promote gender equality within its institutions. In 2019, 83% of the executive workforce at the African Development Bank was men. But within three years, the ratios of women at senior leadership had changed from 17% to 32%. The Bank has set a goal for reaching 50/50 gender parity across its workforce in the near future.

Aniela Unguresan, Founder of EDGE Certified Foundation said: “It is with great pride that we announce the certification of the African Development Bank Group at the first EDGE Certification level, EDGE Assess. We look forward to the African Development Bank Group’s continued progress towards gender equality in the workplace as the organization works towards the next EDGE Certification level.”