Jambo Africa Online’s “African Diary” is a section which announces the major multilateral meetings which will be taken place on the continent convened by such institutions as the African Union (AU); AfCFTA Secretariat; Economic Commission on Africa; Regional Economic Communities Business Councils (such as COMESA); and pan African business chamber federations such as the Africa Business Council (AfBC) and the Pan African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PACCI)

African Continental Free Trade Area
(AfCFTA) Meetings of the Committee on
Competition Policy

The Sixth (6th) AfCFTA Meeting of the Committee on Competition Policy has commenced from 6 to 16 September 2022 in Tema, Ghana. The meeting which is organised through the Directorate of Trade in Goods and Competition, will be attended by representatives of State Parties and Non-State
Parties, representatives of RECS as observers and international organizations like

As stated in Article 2 of the Protocol on Competition Policy under the AfCFTA, the objectives of the Protocol are to
a) Develop and strengthen African countries’ capacity to ensure an effective competitive process, defend consumer welfare, and enhance efficiency.
b) Enhance competition within the AfCFTA for improved market efficiency, inclusive growth, and the transformation of the African economies.
c) Ensure that gains from AfCFTA trade liberalization already achieved through multilateral negotiations and unilaterally, are not negated or undermined by anti-competitive practices.
d) Strengthen the capacity of State parties to deal with anti-competitive business practices.
e) Provide a continental platform for research, information exchange, capacity building, training, consultation, cooperating, and coordinating on competition policy and law in Africa.
f) Promote economic integration and sustainable development in the AfCFTA Market.
g) Manage the interrelationships of competition regimes and sectoral regulatory laws at the national, regional, and continental levels.

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  1. Invitation to Trade Relations between Egypt, Senegal, & the Gambia webinar

The Egyptian African Businessmen’s Association (EABA) and Egyptian Commercial Representation Office in Senegal are pleased to invite you to attend:

“Trade Relations between Egypt, Senegal, and The Gambia” online webinar

Date: Tuesday, 13 September 2022

Time: 3-5 pm (Cairo time).
Available in Arabic or English.

EABA is always supporting as a business association to enhance international trade and investment between all African countries and beyond in the promotion of the African market.

“Trade Relations between Egypt, Senegal, & The Gambia” webinar is held for the purpose of engaging, learning, brainstorming, networking, and building rapport and trust between the three countries with the aim of developing public and private entrepreneurial partnerships leading to short, middle, and long-term personal and profitable growth.

Webinar’s objectives:

  • Showcasing Senegalese and Gambian entrepreneurs and their success stories.
  • Networking, nurturing profitable relationships, and marketing services that Senegalese and Gambian entrepreneurs can best offer to the Egyptian African Businessmen’s Association (EABA) and its members.
  • Identifying and attracting potential foreign investors to Senegal, The Gambia, Egypt and beyond to implement profitable ventures for all partners.
  • Identifying the competitive advantage that helped Senegalese and Gambian companies to export their products.
  • The characteristics Senegalese and Gambian companies look for when engaging or contracting suppliers from abroad.
  • How to start the exporting business from/to Senegal and The Gambia and the coordination for joint entry into African markets.
  • The challenges in fostering trade and joint venture partnerships between Senegal, The Gambia, and Egypt or other African Countries and the possible solutions to those challenges.

EABA is always supporting as a business association to enhance international trade and investment between all African countries and beyond in the promotion of the African market, if you have any questions about Senegal & Gambia markets, please send them to us join the webinar to get answers.

To register for the webinar, please click here.

Durban ICC Good Governance Summit

Ms Lindiwe Rakharebe, CEO of the Durban ICC which has arranged the Governance and Technologies in a Disrupted Global Economy Summit, said the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that good governance is a non-negotiable pursuit for national well-being.

“The pandemic also significantly reshaped administrative relations and put emphasis on the digital transformation of public administration that is urgently needed to support a sustainable recovery from the pandemic crisis and future sustainable development in the post-pandemic era.

“One cannot place a price tag on good governance. After the pandemic, it became clear that good governance is a survival kit to save human lives, protect national economies and ensure social order,” she said.

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Commercialising Africa’s Innovation

Venue: Atlas Convention 2022

Date: 27 – 30 September 2022

Time: 8:00 – 17h00 (Every day)

The Atlas Convention 2022 (27-30 September 2022) will run under the theme Commercialising Africa’s Innovation
in line with Zimbabwe’s Continental AgriTech Flagship as the 26th member of Smart Africa. The Atlas is set to be the leading Pan-African innovation and integrated trade convention fostering stronger collaboration and integrated innovation for sustainable innovation ecosystems.

The 2022 Series will start with a pre-convention Innovation, Culture and Heritage Tour, from 21-26 then a welcome Golf Tournament that builds into the Convention.

The convention will bridge industry and academia converging experts from all economic sectors across African governments uniting them in driving sustainable innovation for a competitive, modernized and industrialised Africa. Executives, R&D experts, thought leaders, transformation strategists and impact investors will forge partnerships for path-breaking innovation initiatives.

The Science and Advanced global Innovation technologies (SAGIT) in Partnership with the government of Zimbabwe will host the Atlas Innovation, Culture and Heritage Tour from 21 – 26 September 2022. This is an innovation and publicity tour that will see delegates of the Atlas Convention 2022 tour Zimbabwe’s innovation, culture and heritage before attending the convention that will see the biggest convergency of bankable innovations across sectors to discuss the transformation of Africa starting with Zimbabwe’s Agritech Flagship role under Smart Africa.


Invitation to the SADC Business Council Circular Economy engagement session”    
Dear Valued Stakeholder,The SADC Business Council invites you to a regional engagement session centered on “What policies should governments in Africa enact in order to support the successful implementation of a meaningful Circular Economy”. The event will be hosted virtually on Friday,30th September at 14:00 to 16:30 (CAT).    September 202230th REGISTER     
 The intention of the engagement session is to:1. Allow dialogue on SADC policy developments and strategies regarding Waste Management / EPR schemes and their technical implementation. 2. Support SADC decision-making processes to drive the implementation of SADC waste management/EPR/ Circular economy-related plans and priority programmes.3. Promote constructive and more consistent longer-term cooperation between SADC member states and the business communities of the region on waste management and EPR matters. 4. Discuss policies governments in Africa must enact in order to support the successful implementation of a meaningful circular economy. Members from FMCG Companies, Waste Management Companies, Academia, Development Agencies, Green Economy Organisations, SADC Secretariat, SADC Business Council, Development Banks and other Regional Bodies will be in attendance.  • To register click here• To download the Concept Note click here• To download the Programme click here We look forward to engaging with you. Kind regards

Peter Varndell
Executive Secretary
SADC Business Council

Other important invitations