This Preface to the book, “The Tithing Dilemma”, takes you on a journey with Bishop Dustin Ramahanedza through this scriptural exposition of the Christian tithing doctrine thesis for a contextualised understanding of the tithing practice; have all your burning questions answered and free yourself from a guilty conscience.

This book is about much more than just tithing or not tithing; Tithing is just the tip of the iceberg of carnal mentalities that dominate most of Christianity. This book aims to set the people of God free from a wrong religious mindset. It is the beginning of a journey towards recovering a glorious spiritual inheritance that Christians have been defrauded of and it is also about exposing wrong doctrines that negate Jesus Christ’s finished work on the cross. 

My objectives are two-fold:

i) that Christians would wake up and realize that tithing is part of the old carnal religious way of life and put it aside to enter the New Covenant way of living. The New Testament’s description for this way of living is, in-Christ

ii) To systematically teach against religious traditions that man has created which is the obstacle to the glorious life of God which as Christians, we were created to enjoy.  Tithing is one of those well-meaning-but-misguided traditions and prevents God’s Children from freely serving Him. 

It is my submission that the Church will never be united through a doctrine; Apostle Paul said in 1Corinthians chapter 13 vs 9 through to 12, “for we know in part” and “we see through a glass, darkly;” therefore, we can never expect perfect doctrinal unity. However, we can pursue a better knowledge of the truth and we can extend the love of God to one another in the process. 

If we disagree on doctrinal issues, we can choose to do so respectfully. For centuries, the doctrine of tithes has been taught and endorsed by some of the most powerful and outstanding Christian leaders of our day; they do not however recognize how it contradicts the very foundation of the gospel they are preaching. 

I do at all times; appreciate those who have given their lives in service to the Lord and His church.  The Bible tells us to “esteem them very highly in love (1 Thess. 5:13).

However, their teachings are at all times to be examined in the light of scriptures. 

This publication was also inspired by the many concerns from fellow Christians at the fund-raising policies of some churches and in particular; their questionable practices of enforced giving and compulsory tithing. 

May ALL who hear the good news, do so with open-minds, not be passive recipients but examine the Scriptures to see that teachings are sound. Not make an emotional response but one based on intellectual conviction. The latter believes that no interpretation or doctrines should be accepted passively. 

Instead, it must be examined carefully by a personal study of the Scriptures and guided prayers. It is my hope and prayer that fellow Christians will find this publication to be a useful resource in their personal studies of the holy scripture. 

May God richly bless ALL those who have a real love for the truth. 


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