Dustin Rudzani Ramahanedza is the Group Chairman at the Hut Trading and Projects; 

Global Chief Executive Officer at Farmers Connect Africa PTY-LTD; He lectures at a number of prestigious teaching and learning institutions and boosts over 25 years of corporate; social and government institutions experience and expertise at various executive capacities. He is a well-seasoned manager; a spiritual father to many and a natural leader with vast organisational development knowledge and has great general business and ministerial leadership acumen.

Dustin is a well-established business development specialist with vast knowledge in organisational systems design; development and implementation which include but not limited to training and development; project management; technical and developmental studies facilitation.   

Dustin is an ordained bishop; a spiritual leader with impeccable track record and has founded Elshaddai Family Worship Centre; a Christian organisation movement established at the epicentre of the city of Johannesburg with branches in other provinces of South Africa. 

Dustin is a published author of the bestselling title The tithing dilemma with more than 40,000 copies sold since the book was first published in 2012 and a number of leadership development and other Christian and business publications.  

Dustin is a B-Com Management Graduate Student at the University of South Africa; amongst others; he holds a post graduate business management diploma from Damelin Management School; a national diploma in production management from African Renaissance Institute; 

an advanced management certification from Technikon Southern Africa (TSA) and a certified developer and implementer of international standards from the ISO organisation specialising in development and implementation of quality management systems and standards. 

Dustin has completed an extensive executive development programme at the Gordon Institute of Business Science; a division of the University of Pretoria and further received departmental leadership certification from The University of Stellenbosch, Centre for Higher Education and was awarded an honorary doctor of philosophy and business leadership degree by Emmanuel Christian University in October 2019.    

Dustin previously held senior positions at a number of organisations including the University of South Africa; Technikon RSA; SACORD Consulting Group; Heinemann Educational Publishers; Wynberg Business College; Destiny Business Science; Jabula New Life Ministries and World For Jesus Christ Foundation. 

Dustin travels extensively throughout Africa and abroad sounding a clear voice that it is now time to advance the kingdom of God on earth and to unite the church of God as the body of Christ.