Arm yourself with a prayer in your entrepreneurship journey

By Staff Writer

An inspirational Award-Winning author, Ndivhuwo Vhuatsha, says he is thankful for people who realise a calling to become innovative and start new things – new businesses, new products, and new initiatives.

In his recently published book, The Praying Entrepreneur, he likens entrepreneurs to artists who are always coming up with new innovative ways of creating artistic products.

“Each of us is created to fulfill a certain purpose in this life,” he says. “Whatever your life’s purpose, I believe that it should be connected to serving humanity. We should all seek to be of service to others utilising our skills and talents.”

He states that his book will help readers understand the importance of prayer as entrepreneurs who want to succeed. It will also guide readers to run their businesses for success and alert them about the mistakes to avoid and strategies to use in order to maintain the very businesses.

“Entrepreneurs who want to quit full-time jobs and start their own businesses need to be equipped with relevant information or else they will fail,” he said. “Therefore, this is the right tool for an entrepreneur. This book teaches you how to pray as an entrepreneur and help open your mind so that you’re ready to fearlessly face challenges.”

The author states that the business industry needs more people so that they can effectively address the issue of unemployment in the country. “We need more people in this country who are willing to start their own businesses,” he said. “The unemployment rate in South Africa is quite scary and if more people take the plunge and start their own businesses, these stats will start looking decreasing and more families and communities will be able to sustain themselves and raise their quality of life.”

An praying entrepreneur

The Praying Entrepreneur seeks to create a balance between the spiritual side of entrepreneurship and the practical side. “We must not become so spiritual that we do not learn about the practical things we need to do,” he says. “It is said ‘Faith without works is dead’, so don’t just believe, but work harder to actualise those dreams. And, still, don’t just work, have faith and be positive.”

He concluded: “Entrepreneurship comes with a lot of responsibilities which require that an individual be well-balanced, mentally fortified and ready to confront their fear and act positively with a positive mindset, so this book is available to guide you on this Journey.”

Ndivhuwo Vhuatsha is available on most social media platforms and could be reached on +27 76 703 4592 / Facebook : Ndivhuwo Nduvheni Vhuatsha; Website: