In the world where gender-based violence is the order of the day,someone who cares about the authentic freedom of the mind has had to dig deep into the treasure that will liberate humanity. The treasure was found in the confines of the below quote by the world’s first humanist author, Brightwell Dube: “the genuine and persistent affirmation we are infinitely loved beings at an early stage produces courage that consequently equips the human psyche to be empowered, secure and bold enough to walk away from any abusive situations.

This self-help guide is an affirmation that genuine love from the early stages of the child is the missing antidote thst deserves its fair share of exploration as a healing mechanism to eliminate gender-based violence. Delve into the nitty-gritty of how human behaviour and such elements as identity, growing up, self-worth, self-image, and the search for meaning can either build-up or break the psychological chains of human abuse. Through real-life experiences and struggle with human abuse, the author aims to build an immensely mind-behaviourally transformed generation of people. A generation that will use the weapon of genuine love to wipe out the scourge of human abuse. In brief, this is the gender-based violence vaccine that the world has been waiting for.

Brightwell is well known to the world at large as a South African Published author of a Gender-Based Violence Guide book titled ‘Untangled’ ‘The Psychological Chains of Human Abuse’. In a nutshell Brightwell is an ambitious transwoman whose resilience to advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights won her the title of a Queen within the Queer community – henceforth many call her Queen B, and the B is not for Beyonce Knowles or Bonang Matheba, but it is in honour of the name that she so very much resembles – ‘Brightwell’.

Over and above authoring this beautiful, captivating and powerful book, Brightwell is an immensely skilled motivational speaker who started motivating students from High School years. She was committed to debates, speech presentations and assembly motivational speaking session slots from an early age. She is currently an active mouth piece that motivates people of all ages and portfolios.

Talk about a passionate and dedicated humble teacher, this amazing soul does not look down upon any being that shows willingness to be informed. Saturated with energy for life, Brightwell is a phenomenal dancer and performer who got the opportunity to harness her acting and screen play writing skills in Romania Bucherest through a program called International Living Library that was funded by the European Union.

Brightwell is an intelligent fashion and nudist model who dares to dance in the path of greatness through her infectious and flawless pictures.

Being a graduate in International Trade and transport Logistics gave Brightwell an entreprenurial edge that saw her working for one of the most influential shipping companies in the world such as– Evergreen Shipping Line in Bedford view.


After matriculating as the President of New Model Private College, Brightwell studied International Trade and Transport Logistics with the ICM institute which saw her graduate as the best achiever. She then got an opportunity to gain practical experience with Evergreen Shipping Line in Bedford view, Gauteng, South Africa.

This very experience allowed Brightwell to complete her first manual based on the experience she gained in the Shipping industry titled, “Shipping Amid Covid 19”, which she printed out and sold to help business people and students within the maritime industry to gain more practical knowledge on the import and export sector.

She is endowed with vast corporate experience in international logistics and supply. This includes having worked as a Qualified Shipping Administrator, Freight forwarder & Shipping Consultant. A competent and highly-productive young person with comprehensive trading knowledge and experience that has been facilitated by the worldly acclaimed Evergreen shipping agency. Proficient in shipping administration, she has an in-depth understanding of the pivotal documents globally used in Trade: Bills of Lading, Airway Bills, Cargo dues, Invoices, Euro 1 Certificate & Quotations. She has proven ability to manage the trading process from the initial stage to the final stage using various modes of transport.

She isn’t a cog in a corporate wheel, she’s also experienced in social and cultural spheres of life. She has once volunteered in the International Living Library from November 2021 to end April 2022 – and this programme was sponsored by the European Union. Her responsibilities included identifying the social issues that are problematic within the LGBTQIA+ community. She was then offered an opportunity to travel to Uganda and Romania to be trained on LGBTQIA+ rights advocacy work. Coming back home, she hosted the South African Living Library at the Women’s Living Monument in Pretoria.

She then joined the Muholi Institute/Queen B Publishers’ as a writer, researcher and tutor. The job also involved teaching English language, publishing and promoting books. She is an Amazon published author, has displayed her book at the Olievenhoutbosch Community Library, and contributed articles to the “Daily Sun”. She has also been rated as a “Top College Achiever” and also served as President of New Model Private College.


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The book could be ordered directly from the author at a better price of R350. The book sells for R593 at Exclusive Books. The author is on +27 68 579 4288, or