CLK Design Studio is looking for a young, experienced and driven Project Management Coordinator to manage our growing portfolio of projects. If you are interested in this job please read the below information carefully.


CLK Design Studio has been embracing a hybrid work flow before the pandemic. However, the Covid-19 Pandemic has pushed the company even further into a hybrid work approach, as such the company requires individuals (particularly for this role) to be tech savvy and up to date with the latest collaborative tools. Generally, you will be at the office on Mondays and Thursdays and working remotely for most of the week. Whether you choose to work from home or in the heart of an active volcano; we really don’t dictate this, BUT as long as you get things done!

  • Job Title: Project Manager / Project Coordinator / Design Studio Manager (Pick your favourite)
  • Location: Your Favourite Coffee Shop / The Office / Active Volcano 🙂
  • Occupational Level: Skilled / Professional / Supervisory
  • Job Category: Project Management and Coordination
  • Job Type: Permanent.


As a youth-led business, CLK Design Studio seeks to create a balanced work environment that emphasizes professional performance, respects individual contributions and at the same time creates a relaxed working culture that actively shies away from the proverbial “Suit ‘n’ Tie” as a symbol of competence. We encourage sweat pants but not saggy pants – it’s a very thin line – but one that we must continue to question in order to create an environment that is both professional and comfortable to work in. Thus, we are looking for a really cool but VERY professional Senior Project Manager with the right balance of experience and general “good person-ness” (This definition is a work in progress). Ultimately, we look for the most honest people who are not afraid to simply be themselves and are driven and motivated; and we’ve become good at sniffing out the BS.


We are a young [and admittedly very small] but HIGHLY ambitious architectural design studio based in Johannesburg. Innovating in the very ‘traditionalist’ realm of architectural practice since 2019. We specialize in custom residential design as well as medium scale residential developments. 

Recently, we have had the opportunity to branch off into private commercial developments in the residential, medical and industrial fields. We are continuously striving for literally reshaping the world we live in and producing what we call: ‘Simple but Sophisticated’ buildings – regardless of their size or budget.


In a nutshell, what we do is to: Design > Build > Repeat

We offer a full set of architectural services from Inception, Conceptual Design, Municipal Submissions & Approvals, all the way into Construction & Contract management, until we ultimately hand over the keys to our clients. 


Our vision is to be an African Architectural Design power house with a global footprint.

With a growing portfolio of projects in Limpopo and other parts of South Africa, we plan to establish new branches in Polokwane, Cape Town and Bloemfontein. On the continent, we have plans to enter the Ghana, Rwanda and Kenya markets as part of growing our continental presence and tapping into the larger infrastructural and developmental opportunities on the continent. Ultimately, [get ready to be blown off your socks – if you’re wearing any (hopefully)]…

…We have big plans to open offices in New York, London and Tokyo. Because, well, why not? After all, what’s a company without a “Big, Bigger, Biggest” approach to vision building?

This great vision calls for great leadership. And at CLK Design Studio, we want to build a team so strong, you won’t know who the “leader” is. We look for people who take initiative, lead change and bring a meaningful and focused contribution to the company, so that we may add value back and invest into the growth of such individuals to ultimately lead the company as it establishes its international presence.

WHAT YOU’LL DO [Back to Earth]

In this role you will be part of the CLK Design Studio Team and responsible for providing Project Management skills and support. Think of yourself as the person who ensures that the design team is staying on target, clients are kept in the loop, and everyone is on top of their game.

You manage the weekly task list for the whole team using ClickUp, schedule and plan workloads according to project priorities, maintain an updated record of the progress of projects both on site and in the design studio AND you schedule coordination meetings between design teams and other consultants (Engineers, Specialists etc). In contracts where we take on the role of Principal Consultant, you will manage the responsibilities of this role according to JBCC and/or PROCSA and/or SAIA guidelines – whichever is the highest standard of course).

Key stakeholders include, but are not limited to:

• Clients

• Design Team & Other Consultants

• Contractors

Qualification/Knowledge (including most relevant field of study)

• Project Management qualification

• Knowledge of Agile Project Development

• Required computer literacy levels in the MS Office suite and applicable Project Management Applications – We use ClickUp.

Experience (including relevant sector specific experience)

• Experience in the EBE field

• Minimum 3 years’ experience in Project management, managing projects of varying complexity

• Experience in Construction project management and JBCC and/or PROCSA forms of contract

• Office Management Skills are desirable, but not a deal breaker.

We hire based on skill and overall competence.

To apply visit our LinkedIn Page here. 

Or email CV to: