There is nothing more attractive than the light of  truth. Everybody knows that Africa needs changing, and no group of people is in the best position to change Africa than Africans, but Africa needs an image and mental overhaul. It is time for Africa to wake up to astound the world with her generosity, kindness, patience, courage, thoughtfulness, and selfless care for the weak, poor, and the forgotten. Sadly, Africans are experts at coming up with excuses, otellectuals defending the indefensible, a self-defeating analysis paralysis. Thus, when the best is corrupted; it produces the worst.

Therefore, Africa should have the will and audacity to critically focus on “how to do rather than “what to do”; to keep Africa at the top of the world stage in every aspect. Africans are no longer respected by non-Africans, both at home and in the diaspora, and their identities are not internationally valued. Until Africans feel at home anywhere, Africa will continue hearing the wailing of her many children everywhere and anywhere.

It is no longer acceptable for Africa to be the comic of history, the football of anthropology, a vulnerable and abused continent that has taken on the unfortunate image due to her Godliness, welcoming, generosity, and accommodating nature. Now necessitates a variety of voices speaking on her behalf in-terms of corruption, economy, education, governance, health, human rights,  justice, and a host of other challenges. 

In spite of these negativities, Africa’s first contribution to human progress was the evolution of man himself and shaping an age that was crucial to the shaping of humanity. And, Africa has been fertile in the production of human beings from the dawn of time. A continent of extraordinary beauty and endless fascinations, the heart-beat of the world, a gift to the world that keeps giving, the motherland of humanity.

Nevertheless, it is time for Africa to stop depending on the East or West for basic things such as food when Africa has a diversity of land, climate, and sixty-five percent of the world’s arable space to feed the world and beyond. It is a new dawn; Africa must repackage herself and strive to take her pride of place among the comity of Nations.

Africa must rise and stand up for Africa, develop its human capital and abundant natural resources, roughly thirty percent of the earth’s remaining mineral resources. This world should be different because we are here. African politicians have a human obligation to leave the world better than they found it. That is the essence of stewardship. Unfortunately, the politician’s lies breed hopelessness. Thus, it is not surprising that in a political culture of lies, many Africans feel hopeless, disillusioned, and live an impoverished life. 

That is why I am a veteran advocate for Africa’s unity and development, both in Africa and in the diaspora, not because I was born in Africa, but because Africa runs in my veins. Moreover, Africa is the heart-beat of the world that keeps giving.

God Bless Africa! and God Bless America!! America, the possibilities!


Dr Bamidele Adeoye, DBA, is a research consultant based in the United States.