Is this the most expensive that petrol has ever been?

It’s certainly the highest it has been in the past 32 years

The chart illustrates inflation-adjusted fuel prices between 1990 and 2022.

In real terms, petrol now costs more than it did during the previous high in 2008

How does SA compare globally? 

The average price of petrol around the world is R19.90.

South Africans are paying R21.60 at present.

Our neighbours in Zimbabwe are paying R32.36 a litre.

In Namacunde, Angola, petrol is among the cheapest in the world, but it is a 2 000 km trip from Johannesburg. 



Trade in Services in Africa

The most difficult topics make the biggest difference. 

This is the view expressed by Donald MacKay from XA International Trade Advisors and I at the webinar we did recently in partnership with Access Bank.

 We looked into: 

  • The numerous proposed South African laws on employment and investment. 
  • How these will place us in breach of our obligations in terms of the SADC Protocol in Services and the WTO. 
  • The implications of governmental decisions, and their impacts on the least expected (and often most vulnerable) members of society. 

Click below to watch the recording of the 23 March 2022 webinar.