The Brand Africa 100 2023 report presents a wealth of insights and highlights notable trends shaping the African market. From the dominance of European and North American brands to the rise of purpose-driven initiatives, the report offers a comprehensive view of the African brand landscape. It encapsulates the spirit of African entrepreneurship, innovation, and consumer preferences and serves as a valuable resource for businesses, marketers, and consumers alike, providing valuable insights into the brands that are shaping Africa’s economic and social landscape. GeoPoll is proud to play a part in this important initiative.

Brand Africa, in collaboration with Geopoll, Kantar, and Brand Leadership, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated release of Brand Africa 100 2023! Now in its 13th edition, this prestigious report presents the most comprehensive ranking of the most admired brands across the African continent.

As the African economy continues to flourish, it becomes increasingly crucial to identify and celebrate the brands that resonate most with African consumers. The Brand Africa 100 serves as a definitive guide, showcasing the brands that have successfully captured the hearts and minds of the African populace. 

Covering 32 African countries, which collectively represent over 85% of the continent’s GDP and population, the survey and rankings provide the most comprehensive reflection of brand perception and affinity among the diverse African consumer base. The extensive research conducted between February and April 2023 meticulously analyzed and evaluated brands from all economic regions within Africa.

Data collection, spearheaded by Geopoll, ensured the broadest and most representative sampling, guaranteeing the authenticity and reliability of the rankings. The subsequent analysis and rankings were expertly led by Kantar and Brand Leadership, leveraging their expertise in market research and brand evaluation.

Highlights from the Brand Africa 100 2023 Report

  • Despite optimism with the progress of AfCFTA and other initiatives to drive African initiatives, African brands regressed 20% from a 10-year high of 17% to 14% share of the Top 100 most admired brands in Africa, as stalwart African brands, MTN dropped out of the Top 10, and all African brands lost ground, except Zambia’s Trade Kings, the highest African mover and new at #38.
  • Europe, led by Adidas at #2, has grown its share of the most admired brands in Africa to 37%, ahead of North America at 32% led by Nike, the #1 brand for the 5th consecutive year, and Asia which retains its 17% share led by Samsung, the #3 brand for the 3rd consecutive year.
  • In a new category of brands that are doing good for people, society and the environment, inspired by business shifting from profit to purpose, Unicef emerged as the #1 NGO, Coca Cola the #1 non-African brand and MTN the #1 African brands.
  • In a category-specific ranking of the Top 25 financial services brands, Africa’s oldest banking group, Standard Bank, surged to the #1 most admired brand in Africa, displacing GTBank, which had led the rankings for the past three years, but is reeling from recent UK regulatory issues, service challenges, and a tough competitive environment. The category is dominated by South African (6) and Nigerian (6) brands, which account for 48% of the rankings, with the USA (4), led by VISA, at 16% percent, making up 64% of the Top 25 brands.
  • In a category-specific ranking of the Top 25 media brands, DSTV, the consumer brand of the Multichoice Group, retains its dominant ranking ahead of BBC and CNN as the most admired media brand in Africa. Consistent with previous rankings, non-African media dominate the continent, accounting for 76% of the Top 25 brands.
  • MTN is the most admired African brand in the Top 100 brands recalled spontaneously, while Dangote has retaken the lead as the most admired brand when respondents are prompted to recall an African brand specifically.
  • Fifteen (15) percent of the Top 100 brands are new entrants, led by USA’s Oral B the highest mover at #34, Zambia’s Trade Kings at #38 and the USA’s Jordan at #42.

Select Rankings

Most Admired Brands – Top 100

  1. Nike (USA)
  2. Adidas (Germany)
  3. Samsung (Korea)

Most Admired African Brands (Prompted)

  1. Dangote (Nigeria)
  2. MTN (South Africa)
  3. DStv (South Africa)

Most Admired Africa Brands (Unprompted)

  1. MTN (South Africa)
  2. Dangote (Nigeria)
  3. Tradekings (Zambia)

 Most Admired Media Brands

  1. DStv (South Africa)
  2. BBC (UK)
  3. CNN (USA)

Most Admired Financial Services Brands

  1. Standard Bank (South Africa)
  2. Equity Bank (Kenya)
  3. ABSA (South Africa)

Companies that best exemplify Africa Pride

  1. Dangote (Nigeria)
  2. Ethiopian Airlines (Ethiopia)
  3. MTN (South Africa)

Sustainability – Doing Good for People, Society and the Environment – NGO

  1. Unicef (USA)
  2. WHO (USA)
  3. Red Cross (Switzerland)

Sustainability – Doing Good for People, Society and the Environment – African Brands

  1. MTN (South Africa)
  2. Dangote (Nigeria)
  3. Azam Group (Tanzania)

Sustainability – Doing Good for People, Society and the Environment – Non-African Brands

  1. Coca-Cola (USA)
  2. Vodafone/Vodacom/Safaricom (UK)
  3. Unilever (UK)

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