This week we celebrate Kazz Khalif, a Zimbabwean musician based in the UK, as he dishes his latest offering, “Danger” – a single featuring MC Bushkin.

The creative juices are flowing, the sun is shining, the motivation is thriving, and Kazz Khalif is back with his latest banger Danger

Featuring the ever talented legend, MC Bushkin, from Heartless Crew. 

The pair previously featured together on the UK remix of Kazz Khalif’s track “Kudana” which received great reviews both in the UK and internationally.

Needless to say, ‘Danger’ follows on with the same energy we’ve come to expect from Kazz and will definitely have you vibing whilst singing along  with the vocal delights of this pair. 

It’s a DANGERous concoction and we’re so here for it! 

Kazz dropped his last single “Snap That” at the back end of last year, and kept us entertained with his Snap That Challenge on Tiktok and Instagram Reels. 

That was followed by three remixes and a smooth Piano Video which was a beautiful way to give us another interpretation of his single. 

There’s so much more in the pipeline for Kazz but for now make sure you check out ‘DANGER’ and let us know your thoughts! 

A little birdie tells us a video will be following too.. but shhh! you didn’t hear that from us! 

On that note, enjoy and give the guys a follow on social media platforms if you haven’t already!  Their handles are @kazzkhalif and @mcbushkin.

Here follows the links to streaming services and the lyrics: