I’m the founder and Director of At Mops Holdings (PTY) LTD. My job has always involved interacting with people starting from 2004 when I was a head waiter at Castello Di Monte, Financial advisor at AVBOB 2008, Direct Sales Agent at ABSA 2010 and Sales Consultant at African Bank 2011. In 2012 I worked at Bagobote Legal Protection as General Operation Manager and 2013 at Lebethe Public Services and consultancy as Managing Director. I also worked at Globex360 as a Business Development Executive and Assistant Sales Manager.

All these companies helped me to grow my skills personally and professionally to become a good team leader/player, a good customer service and good in marketing, because all this included me sourcing out new business. The experience that I have has paved a way for me as I have acquired confidence, knowledge and the necessary skills to become independent hence the decision to divert At Mops Holdings to a Tracing company from July 2022.

At Mops Holdings is a registered company in terms of section 14 of the companies Act 2008. In accordance with the notice of incorporation, the registration of the company took effect on 04/03/2013.

We specialize in tracing unpaid and unclaimed funds/benefits (Retirement, Provident, Pension and Policy claims). We also specialize in the Late Estate matters (Letter of Authority and Executorship). Mine Workers (MWPF), Metal Industry (MIBFA), Surplus Apportionment, Motor Industry (MIRF), Government Employee Pension Fund (GEPF), RAF claims and many more.

In South Africa there is an extensive amount of unclaimed funds (over 88.56 billion unclaimed assets are held by financial institutions across the financial sector since September 2022). According to the FSCA, based on currently available data, unclaimed retirement benefits constitute 53% of the total estimated unclaimed assets value, followed by the collective investment scheme and life insurance industry, which holds 38% of unclaimed assets.

Some beneficiaries know about it while some don’t, those who know are mostly struggling with the administrative part of claiming and some wait too long for their monies to be paid. It does not matter whether the beneficiary is alive or deceased, we go all out to trace their claims from different fund administrators and ensure they get what is due to them.

We make it possible for those who gave up looking and also for those whom we assist claiming. Majority of these clients are unemployed and unable to go back and forth and cannot afford attorney’s fees for the Late Estate matters and other services. We have extended our services to neighbouring countries (assisting those who were also working in South Africa).

There are millions of people who still need to be assisted with their unclaimed funds and all that is needed is for them to know that a company such as At Mops Holdings exist. We are here for our people, we trace it, we process it, YOU get paid and thereafter, YOU pay us! OUR JOB IS TO TRACE IT FOR YOU.

For more information, please contact us on mops@mctagents.co.za or visit