abOVEnormal is a multidisciplinary initiative premised on the concept of “mens sana in corpore sano” – which means “sound mind in a sound body”. It incorporates an inculcation of above normal self confidence, strategic focus, high performance and physical agility premised on health awareness; fitness and active wear

The sports and fitness label is intended to disrupt the market as it is the first black-owned  brand of its kind in Africa. It is a holistic (body, mind and soul) fitness brand (it helps to achieve optimum fitness through a lifestyle of non-conformity, non-confinement, resilience and resistance to situations, circumstances and attitudes that are limiting)

It is formulated in multiple products, programs and platforms. The   body achieves what the mind believes, and this has been the case from time immemorial: Proverbs 7:1 – “As the man thinketh in his heart, so is he…”



abOVEnormal E-FIT is a hybrid program created to cater for the specific mental and physical needs of an individual in a liberating and empowering way.  It is aimed to helping you take charge of your life by living and enjoying a balanced lifestyle while achieving the limitless possibilities of performing beyond average in every area of your life. It will help you increase your physical strength and energy, plus get you in touch with your true self. You will connect with like-minded people and communities and forge healthy relationship while having the time of your life. This equals to a meaningful, happier and productive life. It will also give you inspiration and encouragement while boosting your self-confidence and it will help you identify and heal from traumas and issues that may be presently impacting your life in a toxic way. It will help structure and coordinate your life to be able to function optimally. The aim is to empower to find solutions and potential within, using mechanisms that are tailored for your unique wiring. The program is presented in multiple ways:  Gym, mobile and drive-through fitness studio, virtual activities, mental wellness and therapeutic sessions. It involves an element of communal and group interaction to make it more affordable and accessible.

The package includes:

  • Gym
  • Remote, mobile and drive through fitness
  • Group personal training
  • Aerobics
  • Personal Development
  • Mental Wellness Sessions
  • Grooming Services.

Membership: R350 p/m

Pensioners and Students: R250


EXECUFIB (Executives Fitness Bouquet)

abOVEnormal EXECUFIB is a dynamic programme for a high impact mental and physical fitness of executives. It is structured to empower executives to be able to level up and execute their duties in a productive and competitive way. It will help to transform the life of an executive in every area of their life, to bring satisfaction and contentment. The program is delivered in a strategic way to fit in to the unpredictable and demanding daily schedule of the executive and it will be at their convenience and comfort. It will empower the executive with the boldness to make decisions and the strength to handle the challenges that come with the responsibility of their corporate position. It will also offer stress bursting tools to soothe the pressure of chasing after strategic targets. You will be able to accomplish your goals, realise your vision and live the life beyond your imagination. You will manage to go beyond the limit without burning out. You will experience triumph and joy in all aspects of your life as you unearth the greatness lying dormant within you.


  • Fitness Attendant
  • Capacity Validator
  • Tranquility Injector
  • Image Enhancer

Joining Fee: R 3000

Membership: R750 p/m


PREFITS (Presidential Fitness Suite)

abOVEnormal PREFITS is a customised programme crafted to optimise both mental and physical fitness of leaders. The programme gears a leader to enhance their performance in a manner that will fit into their busy daily schedule. It is designed to give a leader reinforced firm and balanced capacity to ensure they handle the daily pressures and work yet still have a happy and fulfilling productive life. The programme is tailored to suit individual needs at their comfortable and convenient time and space. The tools of the programme give a balanced life that many can only dream about, with PRESFIT you will be FIT to have it all: High performance yet pleasurable; Extremely busy yet calm; multitasking yet focused; non-conforming yet disciplined; adrenaline-driven yet healthy; and in short, a full bouquet of wellness. The fitness delivered by qualified fitness and wellness practitioners whose sole purpose is to serve you with pillars that will lead to a quality of life that you have always yearned for. PREFITS offers holistic fitness tools to affirm high performance in every aspect of your life. It will help you reclaim the power of your life by living and enjoying a balanced lifestyle while achieving the unlimited bounds of opportunities as an indomitable leader that you were meant to be.


  • Fitness Executive
  • Credence Affirmer
  • Harmony Stimulator
  • Image/Grooming Technician.

Joining: R5000

Membership: R1500 p/m


FITCO (Corporate Fitness)

abOVEnormal FITCO is a package targeted at a group that needs to connect through fitness in increase their performance and productivity for the benefit of their common cause or shared value. The program is intended to assist different individuals to use their physical and mental capacities grounded in their diverse backgrounds to be able to blend in with confidence by using their unique innate qualities to contribute in their own special way. It will help members to be fit to participate fully in the activities that are necessary in taking the group/organisation to a higher level. With the empowering support from the programme members, they will be geared up to function in a team without compromising their own personality. They will enhance their potential and develop skills to manage the challenges of life in any situation armed with self-belief and self-confidence. The programme will boost morale and deal with traumatic situations which will assist organisations to eradicate toxic behaviours such as sabotage, insubordination and bullying to create a healthy working and synergistic environment that will give good mental wellness leading to improved quality of work and productivity – for example, high pass rate in schools, self-sustainability and more profitability for corporates. The programme will assist members to bring a positive impact to the organisation/group to make it a fit and healthy organisation.


  • Fitness activities
  • Capacity Building & Coaching
  • Personal Development
  • Employee wellness & Interventions.


abOVEnormal APP

abOVEnormal app is a fitness anchor developed to give holistic fitness pillars at the tip of your fingers. It is a digital platform that offers users and abOVEnormal members readily available and accessible mental and physical fitness support and help to make their life to be as formidable yet so peaceful as they want. Through this dynamic fitness tool users are able to structure their lives to create a balance schedule that will lead them to enjoy success in every facet of their lives.  From daily encouraging messages to annual goals and targets, the app helps to reach a higher growth level that you are able to achieve at your own pace without pressure. It helps you to discover your potential and to develop mechanisms to be in control of your life yet have the freedom to be unlimited. The app has activities and program to help to be effective and efficient to reach a performance level that will reap great benefits of a fulfilling life. With the app you will accomplish your dream life without sacrificing your sanity and wellness. This breath of fresh air will connect you to the abOVEnormal world of incredible possibilities as you will be able to shape your life to any form that you have ever dreamed of.


  • Daily Inspirational Content
  • Goal and target setting platform
  • Connection to abOVEnormal programs and activities
  • Life measuring tool.



abOVEnormal PROTEIN SHAKE is formulated to boost your energy, fitness and endurance while maintaining a healthy immune system and building, developing your muscles and assist bone support. This nutritionally-balanced product, will not only improve your metabolism but it is a performance enhancer wherever needed to make you productive in every area of your life. The combination of essential nutrients and ingredients that was uniquely formulated to offer an instant, great taste, low sugar, low fat, low salt and is suitable for all.


Maize, Protein, Sugar, Protein (Soy Protein Isolate), Tri Calcium Phosphate, Fat Powder, Salt, Banana Flavour, Vitamins : Vitamin A, Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) ,Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) , Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) , Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Iron, Zinc.

Minerals: Calcium, Phosphorus Chromium, Iodine, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Selenium, Zinc , Choline and Sodium.

It comes in a 500g pack.

PRICE: R120, R 100 for abOVEnormal members



It has a higher pH level than that of plain tap water. It can neutralise acid in one’s bloodstream. Preliminary research has indicated that it can prevent a number of chronic diseases.

abOVEnormal ALKALINE helps you to balance your acid levels to make you healthy and fit to be make you day and life flow in the direction that you like.


500 ml R14, R 13 for abOVEnormal members

Case of 24 500ml R 260, R 250 for abOVEnormal members


abOVEnormal STILL water is a purified and natural spring water that will benefit your well-being with its hydrating function. The water keeps you refreshed and helps flush out toxins from your system to keep you heathy and fit.  


500 ml – R10, R9 for abOVEnormal members

Case of 24 500ml – R210, R 200 for abOVEnormal members



abOVEnormal SMOOTHIE is a detoxing  drink that contains natural minerals to boost your energy, enhance your performance and strengthen your immune system and libido. The healthy product is formulated to maintain healthy metabolism and weight, enhance your skin and hair health, support your emotional and mental wellness as well as eliminating excess mucus while detoxing your body with concentrated antioxidant.



As a sports and fitness brand abOVEnormal gear is uniquely designed to fit all types of shapes, sizes and body types.  It is tailored for maximum performance in a stylish, fashionable and trendy attire. Comfortable material is used for comfort to give flexibility to perform the fitness and sports activities. The gear is of premium quality yet affordable for the convenience of our its customers.

For more information, please call Nxalati Hlongwane at +27 72 516 2675.