Jambo Africa Online’s West African Editor, AFOLABI OSHO, reports on the groundbreaking initiative that advocates for the development of the creative economy in Nigeria…

In a world where travel has become more than just a leisure activity, Ambassador Chioma Anyiwo, the visionary founder of Ogene Africa™ International Initiative, has embarked on a remarkable journey over the past three years. It’s mission: to promote African tourism, culture, art and craft on the global stage. Today, on 29 September 2023, Amb Anyiwo unveiled Ogene Africa™’s latest endeavour, ‘Ogene Africa™  Impact Travel’ – a transformative initiative set to reshape Africa’s tourism sector by harnessing the power of the creative economy. 

“Its primary objectives encompass empowering women entrepreneurs, fostering sustainable development, and honouring African heritage through conscientious and purposeful tourism. A particular focus lies on bolstering the cultural market and supporting the artisans of art and craft, acknowledging their pivotal role in both preserving African traditions and propelling tourism through their artistic creations and cultural contributions,” said Amb Anyiwo.

Ogene Africa™ Impact Travel is more than just a travel programme, it represents a holistic approach to tourism in Africa. It seamlessly merges travel with empowerment, sustainability and the celebration of African culture, targeting specific objectives that hold the potential to uplift the continent.

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

One of the cornerstones of Ogene Africa™’s mission is empowering women entrepreneurs in Africa. Recognising that women play a vital role in driving economic growth and fostering gender equality, Amb Anyiwo’s initiative seeks to create opportunities for women to thrive in various sectors, particularly the creative economy. By supporting female entrepreneurs, Ogene Africa™ aims to unleash untapped potential and promote economic inclusivity.

Promoting Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is at the heart of Ogene Africa™ Impact Travel. The initiative is committed to promoting responsible tourism practices that respect the environment, support local communities and preserve natural and cultural heritage. By emphasising sustainability, Amb Anyiwo aims to ensure that Africa’s beauty and resources remain accessible to future generations while benefiting local communities.

Celebrating African Culture

African culture is rich, diverse and deeply rooted in history. Ogene Africa™ Impact Travel places a strong emphasis on celebrating this culture, showcasing the traditions, arts and crafts that make Africa unique. By doing so, the initiative not only preserves African heritage but also promotes tourism by highlighting the continent’s unique cultural contributions. Travellers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in vibrant festivals, visit historical sites and interact with local artists and artisans for an authentic and enriching experience.

Supporting art and craft artisans

Art and craft artisans are the custodians of Africa’s cultural heritage. They play a pivotal role in preserving and promoting African traditions. Ogene Africa™ Impact Travel recognises the significance of these artisans and aims to support their craft through various initiatives. This support not only empowers the artisans but also ensures that their unique artistic creations continue to flourish and contribute to the cultural richness of Africa.

Amb Anyiwo’s dedication to the creative economy is poised to transform Africa’s economic landscape. By fostering entrepreneurship and celebrating culture, Ogene Africa™ Impact Travel creates a conducive environment for the creative industry to thrive. As tourists engage with local artisans, purchase handmade crafts, and immerse themselves in cultural experiences, they contribute directly to the growth of the creative economy.

As Amb Anyiwo and the Ogene Africa™ International Initiative celebrate three years of tireless dedication to putting Africa on the global map, Ogene Africa™ Impact Travel emerges as a symbol of their unwavering commitment. “This initiative is not just about tourism; it is about transformation,” the ambassador asserted. “It is about empowering women, preserving culture and supporting the creative economy. It is about sustainable development that benefits all, and it is about inviting the world to join in this extraordinary journey of discovery and transformation.”

So, as you prepare to embark on your next adventure, consider the impact your travels can have.  “We cordially invite you to embark on this extraordinary journey of discovery and transformation as we persist in our unwavering commitment to champion African culture, entrepreneurship and sustainable development,” said Amb Anyiwo. “Together, we can make a lasting positive impact that empowers, educates, and enriches lives, all while championing African culture, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development.