The AIEC Global Investment and Trade Conference will be hosted by the African Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre (AIEC) at the Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town, South Africa, next month from 25 to 31 May 2022.

It will seek to explore the impact of innovation in entrepreneurship, the role and relevance of education, strategies for entrepreneurship success, and how poverty in Africa could be alleviated through entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship has been identified as one of the solutions for stimulating growth in the economy and to create the much needed jobs.

The AIEC Global Investment and Trade Conference was launched to ensure all trade and investment activities were conducted in an efficient, predictable, transparent and effective manner, in line in what is globally regarded as best practice in terms of norms, ethics, standards and technologies.

The Conference will propel local entrepreneurs to move forward in their business by imparting skills and knowledge to make them better entrepreneurs. There will be constant monitoring of the programmes embarked upon and collaborations forged with stakeholders to ensure each entrepreneur succeeds.

Some of the key take aways from the conference could be tabulated as follows:
• Exposure to highly skilled speakers and sector specific mentors;
• Access to policy makers;
• Investor readiness;
• Access to financial institutions, equity investors and venture capitalists;
• Insight on potential ventures suitable for your ecosystem;
• Insight on how to expand your customer base;
• Opportunity to be a global venture;
• How to elevate yourself to the next level;
• Business continuity during and post-COVID-19.

The AIEC Annual Investment and Trade Conference is where you come to pour fuel onto your ideas and discover the answers you need. It’s the place to find your tribe and learn proven strategies to grow your business. With an all-star cast of speakers, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to network in Cape Town, this might be the conference you discover is the right one for you. It is the optimal way to Achieve seven key results:

  1. Learning from the best;
  2. Expanding your network of winners;
  3. Generating clientele and growing revenue;
  4. Finding partners;
  5. Meeting investors;
  6. Being inspired;
  7. Building systems that increase profitability.

Some of our speakers
Our speakers and their subject matters will include:
1. Keynote Address: “African Continental Free Trade Agreement – A chain to Economic Agreement in Africa” by Dr Tunji John Asaolu
2. ”Biomimicry Influence in Generation 2 Engineering Designs in Africa” – Dr Jacqueline (“Jackie”) Anim
3. ”Business Continuity during and Post Covid 19” – Dr Amos Ofori Quaah
4. ”Inspiring women towards agents of change – Dr Nellie Kangwa (Zambia)
5. ”Tokenisation of gold in a conflict driven recessed world” – Mr Ebube George Ebisike
“Intellectual Property (IP) – Its importance for investors” – Dr Alexander Anim-Mensah (US)
6. ”Evaluating the impact of Mobile Money Payment Technology Services on Development of SMEs In Ghana” – Dr Edward Kwakye Agyapong (US)
7. ”Human Capital Investment (Brain Capital)” – Atta Junior Kuffour (Ghana)
8. ”Value Chain, Value Addition and Investment” – Dr. Alexander Anim-Mensah (US)
9. ”Connecting African businesses to the markets and investors” – Joy Zenz, Founder and CEO: Africa Women in Trade
10. ”Intra-African Trade: Ensuring value for entrepreneurs in the new AfCFTA Framework” – Moss Sereme, Chairman: Accuracy Group
11. ”The trends that shape the conference theme” – Oliver Chikodzore.

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