Jambo Africa Online’s Publisher, SAUL MOLOBI, profiles Yolanda Basson whose company mobilises funding for infrastructure development in Africa…

Yolanda Basson is the Chief Executive Officer of Brandhill Africa Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd. The company is one of the five subsidiaries constituting the Brandhill Africa group – a competitive identity and public diplomacy conglomerate. The others are the Brandhill Africa (Pty) Ltd, which is a brand management agency. The other is Brandhill Africa Media Holdings (Pty) Ltd, which is the publishing arm of the group – and its flagship project is this publication,Jambo Africa Online. Then there’s the Brandhill Africa Institute of Public Diplomacy (Pty) Ltd and the Brandhill Africa Foundation NPC. 

“These are five interdependent revenue streams which cross subsidise each other since they draw synergies from each other,” she said matter-of-factly. “We all derive maximum value from the strong equity of our mother brand, Brandhill Africa.”

Yolanda’s competence is primarily to mobilise both domestic and foreign direct investments for infrastructure development projects for our clients in South Africa and across the African continent. This portfolio of projects covers a variety of economic sectors such as mining; real estate (especially low-cost housing, smart and mega city developments); agriculture and agro-processing industries; oil and gas (particularly clean energy); and community empowerment projects in general.

A dynamic and versatile stakeholder and project management specialist with the highest standards of excellence and possessing extensive experience of working at Board level within a fast-paced corporate environment. She’s highly proactive with a ‘can do’ attitude, focused on results and achieving personal work objectives. She’s armed with excellent, impeccable expertise and interpersonal skills, and display integrity when handling highly confidential and business intelligence material.

Calm under pressure, she utilises excellent judgment expertise and has the ability to develop and maintain constructive and cooperative relationships at the highest level. Her vast experience has enabled her to operate collaboratively within multidisciplinary teams and developing productive professional relationships to achieve high quality out- comes. Adaptable to different situations, she has a particular talent for client/user liaison, identification of issues and developing workable solutions.

Her impeccable expertise include planning and development of all marketing and events activities; organising travel, venue and security arrangements; big events such as expos, event and conference management; coordination of corporate advertising, newsletters and press releases; building and maintaining relationships with relevant suppliers, stakeholders and media; conceptualising community empowerment projects; implementation sharing and communication of new ideas and new projects; driving brand promotion and communication development; market research and implementation of marketing strategies; and, most importantly, financial management.

Some of the highlights of her career include establishing Media24’s RCP Media: Government Special Projects Unit, “Legends Awards”, “Project of the Year”, “Media Liaison of the Year” at Media24 and the Rock Engineering Training Centre at Exarro. In developing her competencies through professional and vocational training, she achieved a Diploma from the Academy of Learning; the Executive Sales Development course from the Anthony Morris Group; Marketing Diploma from the Dale Carnegie Training course from Exarro on Training and Coaching; training on Project Web App and Server Management; and a Programme in Project Manage- ment from the University of Pretoria.

Besides her vast experience in the media sales environment, she‘s the founder of Miniforce (Pty) Ltd in which she was responsible for the structuring of clients’ proposed business mergers, acquisitions and verifying the accuracy and completeness of the representations and warranties made by the potential sellers to targeted client companies.

Furthermore, she was also responsible for negotiating the preliminary agreements with potential investors; preparing company records (company MOI and shareholder agreements; compiling finance documents (any documents relating to any securities offering, loans, lines of credit, agreements incorporating borrowings, any documents evidencing guarantees, inter-company loans, any other agreements with creditors; and managing Material Agreements.

Yolanda is proud to be associated with the group that has gone through the vigorous adjudication process to qualify as a strategic partner to Proudly South African (PSA).