By Saul Molobi

In the heart of Atteridgeville, Pretoria, a remarkable celebration is on the horizon. Pheli Wines, the beloved black woman-owned wine brand, is poised to mark its 9th anniversary on Sunday, 24 September, with a jubilant event that combines the essence of South African heritage, unity, and the unbridled joy of fine wine. This milestone is not just a cause for celebration but a testament to the enduring spirit of entrepreneurship and cultural appreciation that defines Pheli Wines.

Pheli Wines, founded by the dynamic and sassy Moyagabo Anna Seemola, has grown to become a symbol of empowerment, resilience, and innovation in the wine industry. The brand’s journey is a testament to what is achievable when passion meets determination and is guided by a profound respect for one’s roots. Moyagabo’s vision was not only to produce exceptional wines but also to elevate the community of Atteridgeville and preserve the rich tapestry of South African culture.

The anniversary celebration promises to be an unforgettable experience, offering a unique blend of indigenous African cuisine and Pheli’s finest wines. The fusion of these two elements embodies the brand’s commitment to embracing its heritage while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of wine.

What sets Pheli Wines apart is not just the exquisite taste of their wines but their unwavering dedication to authenticity. Their commitment to using indigenous grape varieties and sustainable farming practices ensures that every sip tells a story of South African terroir and the vibrant spirit of its people. It’s not just a bottle of wine; it’s a piece of South African history, carefully crafted to perfection.

The celebration on 24 September will be a feast for the senses. Attendees will have the opportunity to savour the flavours of indigenous African cuisine, prepared with love and expertise by local chefs who understand the nuances of traditional dishes. The synergy between these dishes and Pheli’s wines will create a symphony of taste that pays homage to the land and its people.

Moreover, this celebration extends far beyond the realm of wine and food. It represents a tribute to the resilience of black women entrepreneurs in an industry that has traditionally been dominated by others. Moyagabo’s journey is an inspiration, demonstrating that passion and dedication can shatter any glass ceiling. She has not only created a brand but a movement, inspiring countless others to follow their dreams.

Pheli Wines’ 9th anniversary is not just a celebration of the past but a glimpse into the future. It’s a reminder that as South Africa continues to evolve, its culture and heritage remain its most valuable assets. Pheli Wines is at the forefront of preserving and promoting these assets on a global scale.

As we raise our glasses on Sunday, September 24th, to toast to nine years of Pheli Wines, let us also raise our voices in celebration of the indomitable spirit of Moyagabo and all the black women who are making a mark in the world of business. Let us savour the flavours of South Africa and the promise of a brighter future where culture, innovation, and entrepreneurship converge.

Pheli Wines has not only carved a niche in the wine industry but has etched its name in the hearts of those who believe in the power of determination and the beauty of preserving one’s roots. Cheers to Pheli Wines, a brand that continues to inspire and elevate us all.

Here’s to Pheli Wines’ 9th anniversary:

In Atteridgeville’s heart, a star does shine,

Pheli Wines, now aged like fine wine,

Nine years of passion, nine years of grace,

A toast to your journey, in this special place.

Moyagabo Anna Seemola, your vision so clear,

In the world of wine, you’re a pioneer,

Black-owned, woman-led, you broke the mould,

A story of triumph, forever to be told.

From indigenous vines, your wines take flight,

A taste of South Africa, pure and right,

With every sip, a piece of history we share,

In Pheli’s embrace, we know that we care.

As you celebrate nine years, we raise a cheer,

For Pheli Wines, we hold you dear,

May your legacy grow, your journey inspire,

Here’s to your excellence, reaching ever higher.

Happy 9th Anniversary, Pheli Wines, we say,

May success and joy continue your way,

In Atteridgeville’s heart, you’ll forever shine bright,

A beacon of hope, in the day and the night.