In paying tribute to the African trailblazers and innovators who rose against all odds stacked against the continent by colonialism and its legacy, the Nigerian author, Ben Okri, mused: “The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering.” Although all Africans deserve to be celebrated, there are those luminaries among us whose lights shine brightest. So, in this momentous celebration of brilliance and innovation, the African Genius Awards (AGA) is set to honour these visionaries who have made significant contributions to shaping Africa’s present and future. 

These awards serve as a platform to reflect on the milestones achieved by geniuses who offer solutions not only within the continent but also beyond its borders – hoisting the African flag sky high.

The core ethos of the AGA lies in recognising individuals who embody the qualities of good leadership – individuals who are well-educated, well-skilled, and possess the foresight and wisdom necessary to navigate the complexities of various sectors. The awards aim to acknowledge and celebrate those who have demonstrated excellence, pushing boundaries to lead Africa towards sustainable democratic futures, inclusive economic development, and social progress.

One distinctive feature of the AGA is its inclusive definition of an African. Unlike traditional boundaries, these awards don’t define Africanness by ethnicity or race. Rather, an African is considered an individual who is a citizen of any of the 55 countries on the African continent. This expansive definition extends its embrace to Africans in the diaspora and those with traceable ancestry to the continent, recognising the importance of a shared commitment to African development initiatives. The supreme continental multilateral body, the African Union, has correctly declared the diaspora as its sixth regional economic community.

The AGA seeks to break barriers and foster a sense of unity among diverse individuals who contribute to the growth and advancement of Africa. By recognising the achievements of those who have a genuine interest and involvement in African development, regardless of their physical location or background, these awards showcase the interconnectedness of the African diaspora with the continent’s progress.

During the nominations process, people were urged to put forward the names of individuals they believed epitomised the spirit of African genius. These could be leaders in business, innovators in technology, pioneers in social entrepreneurship, or visionaries in any field contributing to the continent’s advancement. The AGA encouraged a broad spectrum of nominations to truly capture the multifaceted brilliance that Africa had to offer.

As the anticipation builds for the AGA ceremony, scheduled to be a grand event bringing together influencers, leaders, and changemakers from across the continent during the Africa Day on 25 May 2024, the message is clear – Africa’s future is bright, and it’s being shaped by the ingenuity and dedication of its own people. The awards not only celebrate the accomplishments of today’s geniuses but also inspire a new generation to dream big and contribute to the ongoing narrative of progress and excellence on the African continent.

Join this groundbreaking journey embarked upon by Priority Performance to celebrate our heroes and sheroes – young and old; women and men; known and unknown; rural and urban – as we owe it to them as a continent.

Click here to watch a 14:35 minute video about a conversation between Funeka Sobantu, AGA Executive and one of the previous young winners, Stacy Fru:

Tujenge Afrika Pamoja! Let’s Build Africa Together.

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