The Roland Kay Media Corporation is proud to announce its inaugural  annual star-studded event, “THE PLATINUM STAR GLOBAL AWARD” (The PSG Awards) will be held in 27 April 2023 at the prestigious Wusum Hotel in Makeni, northern part of Sierra Leone in West Africa. This august annual event seeks to acknowledge, complement and appreciate people who have made a landmark development and achievements into different facets of life globally. We will honour African and global talented personalities in Acting, Music, Sports, and working professionals in other fields.

We are a media agency that implements modern day innovative marketing strategies, systems and  techniques to make the business of our clients more competitive than their peers.

We carry out these through our  three competencies:

  • Online TV/Radio station
  • Digital News
  • Film production.

Roland Kay Media Corporation is a one-stop service shop for businesses to reach global audiences. We help various businesses develop and enhance their online presence through our quality customer-centric marketing approach. The outcome of our innovative approach is bound to attract audiences as our service deliver products which will grab their attention while entertaining them with best shows and movies. This is critical especially in the information superhighway on which customers are ready to scroll to the next site if they find what is delivered TK them is unattractive and distasteful. Our passionate team has a track record of helping clients reach targeted audiences resulting in a healthy return on investment (ROI). So growing businesses is at the core of our our service offerings. We are constantly reinventing traditional marketing methods with the sole objective of adding value by helping our clients to disrupt the market. 

Our bouquet of services includes the following:

  • Marketing and Advertisement
  • E-commerce
  • Filming
  • Film production
  • Making of documentary
  • Video editing
  • Graphics design
  • Book publication

Below are some of our platforms:

Platinum Star Global Award (an award show)