While it is the mandate of government to promote the establishment of small businesses, it is equally important to stress that government wants those businesses to develop into sustainable entities that will compete against traditional corporations and multinational companies. This was said by the Deputy Minister of Trade, Industry and Competition, Ms Nomalungelo Gina, during the business forum which took place in Ga-Segonyana, Kuruman in the Northern Cape.

Gina acknowledged that while Small Micro and Medium Enterprises (SMMEs) may be categorised at that scale, the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (the dtic) has the vision to see them grow into bigger businesses and create more employment.

“The primary purpose of this business forum is to provide entrepreneurs with the necessary resources to expand their companies and reach their full potential. Our main objective is to say yes, we might be calling you SMMEs, but that is not where we see you. We want to see big businesses originating from this region and staking their share of the local economy,” said Ms Gina.

The forum was attended by various entrepreneurs, investors, and stakeholders, who shared their experiences and knowledge. The event provided a platform for networking and learning, and attendees gained valuable insights into company registration, seeking funding from various government agencies and the latest trends and developments in various industries plying their trade in the Northern Cape.

She further urged participants to take advantage of the opportunities presented to them and to utilise the information shared at the forum to improve their businesses. She expressed the dti’s commitment to supporting entrepreneurs and ensuring their growth and success.

The event was also graced by the presence of another Deputy Minister of Trade, Industry and Competition, Mr Fikile Majola. In his address, Majola emphasised the significance of small businesses collaborating in order to accomplish shared objectives and tackle intricate challenges.

“The combination of resources, expertise, and viewpoints can lead to innovative solutions and superior outcomes when individuals or groups work together. Collaboration can foster cooperation across various sectors, organisations, and individuals, and break down silos. Cooperation and teamwork are indispensable in many areas of life, such as business, politics, education, and others,” he said.