The Board of Trustees of the Pan African Foundation for Development and Capacity Building, headed by Prof. Dr. Gamal Shiha, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation and Rapporteur of the Education and Scientific Research Committee of the National Dialogue, and the anthropological researcher Hassan Ghazaly, Secretary-General of the African Foundation, mourned with great sadness the death of the great writer, thinker, and expert on Egyptian-African relations, Helmy Shaarawy who passed away this morning, Monday, March 20, 2023, at Wadi El-Nile Hospital in Kobri El-Kobba.

Dr. Shiha stated that the late great man had a great human and intellectual impact on the Foundation’s work team, pointing out his strong and unparalleled support since the establishment of the Foundation as an entity that unites the voice of Africa in international forums. “Furthermore, in honor of his name and in gratitude for his grace and impact, I announced giving the name ‘Helmi Shaarawy’ to the main hall of the Pan  African Foundation for Development and Capacity Building at its headquarters located in the historic Immobilia Building, Downtown, Cairo.”

“A large, green and lush leaf falls from the tree of Egypt. The late man left a great impact on his students, and I am one of them. I would not have been a researcher or interested in anthropology without his grace and guidance. The least that can be said about him is that he is the establisher of the African pillar in the component of Egyptian culture,” Hassan Ghazaly added, mourning this great thinker. 

The great thinker Helmyi Sharawy,  who is called “The Harvester of African Cultures,” lived a journey of cultural, enlightening, and intellectual giving that exceeded sixty years. During which he enriched the Arab and African Library with many studies, articles, and scientific research, including Critical Values in Popular Literature, another paper entitled Press in Africa, and Obama and His African Discourse. He also enriched us with many translations and books in Arabic and English, including An Egyptian-African Biography and the book: A New Reading of the Facts of Relationships between the Arab and African Liberation Movements. He also made many other intellectual contributions, and although he passed away at the age of about eighty-seven years, those writings, ideas, and contributions will remain for us forever.