I was born on 2 January 1983 in Harare, Zimbabwe. I did my primary schooling in Harare and then moved to Gweru for secondary and high school education. As I was born into a family of accountants or people involved in the financial services sector, the writing was on the wall: I would also be expected to pursue a career in finance and follow in the footsteps of my elders. After high school, I attended Solusi University in Bulawayo and attained a Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) with a major in Finance. The thought of sitting behind a desk did not sit well with me, however, my first love, which was aviation, was a very far-fetched idea at the time due to the financial cost involved.  

I first fell in love with aircraft at a young age when the then Harare International Airport had a balcony where relatives and friends would bid farewell to their loved ones as they walked to board the plane. However, my major highlight was the visit of the Concorde to Zimbabwe in 1993. My father took us to the airport to see this majestic aircraft. That powerful memory of watching such an incredible piece of machinery stuck in my mind from that day onwards. I fervently wished that one day I would fly that beautiful and impressive aircraft; sadly, the Concorde has since been retired. 

After completing my degree programme, Zimbabwe was going through a really tough economic time and I was jobless for two long and difficult years. Discussions to attain a master’s degree were at an advanced stage, until the day my older sister was departing from the airport. She saw how I admired the airplane crew as they walked through the terminal. She asked me: “Do you still want to do this?” I gave an emphatic “Yes!” She said: “Look for a school, and I will assist you.” Everyday, I thank my amazing and generous sister for her selfless act of kindness.  

Years later, here I am: doing what I love and enjoying the skies with Halsted’s Aviation Corporation (HAC) throughout our beautiful country of Zimbabwe.

About Halsted’s Aviation Corporation (HAC)

HAC is a luxury, private air charter service based in Zimbabwe, providing  tailor-made leisure and business charter flights throughout Southern Africa in our fleet of small to medium airplanes and helicopters, professionally handled by our own highly skilled and experienced pilots.

Our air charter service is further complemented by our VIP Services and Lounge at Robert Mugabe Airport Domestic Terminal, Harare, Zimbabwe, which is run by our Hospitality division.

We offer Air medical evacuation and remote rescue with some of our fleet equipped to ICU level as per our Eurami certification.

At HAC we are committed to the highest international standards of quality, safety and integrity in every aspect of the industry. You can read more about us on our website: www.flyhac.com.