Brand South Arica calls on South Africans living abroad to join the country in celebrating Mandela Month by playing their part and contribute to a long-term and sustainable interventions which equip communities to ensure food security. Together with global partners, The Nelson Mandela Foundation has championed a national effort to capacitate as many home-based and community food gardens as possible, while planting one million trees, 60% of which will be fruit trees. 

Jimmy Ranamane, General Manager for Global Markets at Brand South Africa says: “As the worlds marks the 10th year since Nelson Mandela passed on, may we all remember that his legacy lives on through us. And may we understand that the Earth is in our hands. Mandela Day is an annual global celebration that takes place on the 18th July to honour the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela, but the celebrations take place throughout the month of July,” he says. 

“During the month of July, we invite Global South Africans to join a call to action for individuals, communities, and organisations to take time to reflect on Mandela’s values and principles and to make a positive impact in their own communities,” says Ranamane, adding that “this year,  the Nelson Mandela Foundation and Brand South Africa are asking you to use your hands to do good in the world, specifically to help end hunger and mitigate climate change by planting trees and food in your communities, cities, gardens and on your pavements. Our aim is to get one million trees planted around the world throughout the Month of July following Mandela Day.”

“We also call Missions abroad and the Global South Africans community to heed the call and be exemplary citizens in their adopted countries by participating in the tree planting campaign or other good deeds. Lastly we urge you to download the Nelson Mandela Day toolkit and share images and videos of your Mandela day aligned activities,” Ranamane concludes.


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