Zuri Africa Queen and its official event partner – TALQ Marketing (TALQ Holdings (Pty) Ltd), managing partner, Awareness for Child Trafficking Africa (ACT Africa ) –  would like to bring to your attention that Zuri Africa Queen event is officially scheduled to take place at the Super Bowl, Sun City, in South Africa on 21 December 2022.

What is Zuri Africa

Zuri Africa is a premier media forum and expo for African cultural and ethnic-tourism for a global audience. Our organization has been running for 8yrs through strategy and partnership for growth purposes. Zuri Africa brings along so many benefits when a country hosts it. It creates travel directed toward experiencing the arts, heritage and special characteristics of the Host Municipality, of which it attracts all sorts of tourists including cultural heritage to promote enriching exchanges between local communities and tourist. We have a foot print in over 32 African countries and strategic partners in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Zuri Africa recognizes the fact that we are all human beings and no matter where we live or come from, we should work with and establish relationships with people –people who all have different cultures. As Africans, culture remains a very strong part of our lives.

Zuri Africa seeks to become an official partner to African Governments seeking growth and development in their countries. This noble program dubbed by then Nigerian government as the most laudable initiative was founded on April 15th, 2014 by Mr Ryan Nush a cultural leader and ambassador and was first established in Rivonia, Johannesburg, South Africa at Africa Heritage Society House. The role of Zuri Africa Queen is to influence investment, development and growth within Africa through negotiations and speaking on platforms that have Africa as an agenda.

We run on an expo, showcase and talent platform that allows certainty and growth in the future of the city and its ambitions of being on the world map for Tourism Promotion and Investment Promotion and also to accomplish Economic Diversification, Job Creation, and Skills Development. Activities for 2022 are themed on promoting Cultural Heritage, Tourism, Awareness for Child Trafficking Africa (ACT Africa), NGO/NPO. TicketPro

 and Sun International investment, Growth and Development in South Africa amongst the contestants and especially the sponsors. These activities are production material which are packed and broadcasted locally and internationally by Television channels and online platforms like You Tube, podcasts and other social networks.

Zuri Africa events are attended by key decision makers, church leaders, government officials, chiefs, cultural leaders and influencers. The events are designed in a way that helps in instilling self-African pride. We have National Directors in 22 African states who are our program partners. We are growing in French speaking countries as well.

We seek to work closely with relevant stakeholders, in media, tourism, hospitality, education, private sector, government and non-governmental organizations etc. Our hope is to continue to contribute towards the growth and development of Africa. Our events and platforms are very effective and they can be used to draw attention of the world to Africa, for the world to appreciate where we came from, where we are and where we are going. We seek to play a leading role in bringing change in the way Africa as a whole is viewed hence the need to create a platform that drives Africa as the number one Agenda and as a collective brand. We have done a number of trials for Zuri Africa Queen in Lusaka, Zambia, Malawi, Cameroon, Nigeria and Zimbabwe which were very successful which prompted us to officially launch Zuri Africa Global organization in Zimbabwe in the month of September 2019 at Talent Village in Harare and in November 2019 we then officially launched Zuri Africa Queen in Nairobi, Kenya.

The road leading to the crowning involves a series of cultural leadership bootcamp’s that sees the contestants showing the diversity of culture in dress, talent, dance, African cuisines, language, hairstyles, vocations, beliefs, trades, minerals, resources and agricultural activities. Zuri Africa event will crown a cultural and ambassadorial leader, who becomes the national representative for her country. The national queen will further contest with 22 plus other African countries at the Zuri Africa Queen Grand finale on the 21st of December 2022, SUPERBOWL SUNCITY, South Africa. South Africa will be hosting 22 plus African countries for the purpose of crowning the Zuri Africa Queen. Our Queen will be a strong ambassador for Africa’s remarkable brand. Zuri Africa stands firm in promoting Africanism and believes Africa is the future. With this event we hope to find and place women in different sectors of the country in order for them to bring about change in sectors lacking solutions to everyday issues. Even though one will walk away with the crown all our contestants will be given the opportunity to make an impact and leave a mark that is everlasting and will effect positive change. These young women are not only contestants but are future leaders, presidents, ambassadors, entrepreneurs, directors, governors, mentors, chairwomen and so much more.

Presentations carried by country contestants, which in our program we refer to as cultural leaders are mind-blowing, exciting and intriguing. Running on an expo and showcase platform, each contestant is given 2-3mins to make a presentation for her country. We select contestants from schools, colleges, talent scouting agencies and social media platforms from the age of 18 to 30 years. Contestants are allowed to run presentations in their official native language with an interpreter for English dialogue.

About auditions

Registration for people wanting to take part in Zuri Africa Queen, Africa Grand Finale are open. We are providing a registration link on our social media platforms or one can simply visit our website www.zuriafrica.co.za  and find a form to fill in and submit.

Direct contact person:

Bono Behane

Marketing Director/TALQ Holdings (Pty) Ltd Contact: +27 72 927 0003

Email: bono@talqmarketing.com