By Carême Kouamé

The second edition of the Afrifursa Fintech Summit, AFRIFIN, will be held on September 22, 2022. After an inaugural edition that registered more than 440 participants and top-tier stakeholders from the global fintech space, as well as rising stars of the African fintech ecosystem, the AFRIFIN virtual summit now launches its 2nd edition. The acquisition of Oklahoma-based Global Technology Partners (GTP) by the African fintech MFS Africa shows that African fintechs are changing the rules of the game.

The Afrifursa Fintech Summit, AFRIFIN is the platform that brings together dynamic founders, latest innovation, and exciting opportunities for collaboration between Africa and Canada.

AFRIFIN, founded by finance expert Tapfuma Musewe, fulfills a vision: shifting the narrative around Africa by connecting the Canadian and African fintech ecosystems and engaging in social impact partnerships – through shared thought leadership, understanding of the fintech startup environment, market intelligence, and awareness of B2B opportunities. Musewe said he has been fascinated by fintech’s ability to address some of Africa’s deepest challenges and disparities”. Therefore, AFRIFIN was launched “to reduce the barriers and forge direct linkages,” between Canadian and African fintech stakeholders.

The future of Fintech is unfolding in Africa

It all started with the realization that “Fintech in Africa can reach the most remote populations geographically but also those who are socio-economically distanced from traditional financial services.”

Africa holds approximately 573 fintechs ( with room to expand much more. From January to May 2022, African start-ups received a record amount of over US$2.7 billion in funding, according to Disrupt Africa with much of that going to fintech.

Canada, on the other hand, currently has the fastest growing tech market in North America. The province of Ontario is considered a hotbed for fintech with over 750 and the City of Toronto is globally considered one of the world’s most attractive centers for fintechs.

Both Africa and Canada have a large amount of knowledge and best practices to share in the fintech ecosystem. AFRIFIN offers a unique opportunity.

For the African side:

To engage Diasporan communities that contribute significantly to tech innovation, to gather opportunities for remote jobs globally, to attract investment from other global regions. 

For the Canadian side:

To go global and diversify trade partners, to engage African newcomers and Diasporan communities more, to attract FDI from foreign tech firms.

This second edition offers innovation and masterclasses. Selected participants will engage with renowned speakers to learn about:

  • Venture Capital fund investing in African tech
  • The Canadian fintech landscape
  • Financial literacy for Youth and Newcomers.

The Afrifursa Fintech Summit, AFRIFIN will be held on the 22nd of September 2022 from 10 am – 4 pm ET/ 4 pm – 10 pm CAT. Register to secure your virtual seat at: afrifin2022

About Afrifursa

Based in Toronto, with roots in Africa, Afrifursa is an initiative that aims to shift the narrative around Africa. Known for its “meet the diasporans” podcasts that highlight how global citizens are finding innovative ways to use their extraordinary skill sets and rich experiences to act on opportunities of exchange with Africa, the organization also initiated the Afrifursa Fintech Summit, AFRIFIN.

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About Tapfuma Musewe

Tapfuma is a trade and investment executive with expertise in connecting African markets and other regions of the world. Having grown up a Canadian citizen, his passion led him to spend most of his working life across Africa. He began in community development, then pivoted to entrepreneurship andestablished a couple of companies including a logistics company that moved FMCG’s for a blue-chip company. He then worked in market intelligence, consulting multinational clients seeking to penetrate African markets. Tapfuma possesses a unique understanding in establishing business and achieving growth in challenging economic environments. 

Tapfuma has a diverse academic background, having obtained a Global Executive MBA and B.Sc. Biology from the University of Toronto, as well as an MA Theology from Akrofi-Christaller Institute. He is also passionate about leading high performance teams and is a certified Project Management Professional.

He is now based in Toronto, Canada where he founded Afrifursa – an initiative that seeks to shift the narrative around Africa in the Diaspora and hosts the annual Afrifursa Fintech Summit. He is currently a Managing Director at private equity firm Raygan Mills, which has roots in Cameroon and invests in growth companies across Africa. Tapfuma enjoys empowering others to succeed and currently mentors young professionals, as well as, advises several firms.