H.E. Mr Kgalema Motlanthe, former President of South Africa, says the book is “blending moments of deep sadness, despair and hopelessness with moments of great inspiration, hope, jubilation and even humour…”

The book, “Sound and Fury: The Chronicles of Healing” by Saul Molobi, Jambo Africa Online’s Publisher, is the first in a series to be published by the Brandhill Africa group. Although it is set in a rehabilitation hospital where the author spent a year as a context, it narrates his life as an anti-apartheid activist, brand architect and South Africa’s Consul-General to Milan, Italy from March 2012 to end June 2016. 

The Foreword to the book was written by H.E. Mr Kgalema Motlanthe, the former President of the Republic of South Africa. The e-book version is already available on Amazon.

This is what the former President has written: “A work of a genuine wordsmith, the book is very eloquently written. Effortlessly, it blends moments of deep sadness, despair and hopelessness with moments of great inspiration, hope, jubilation and even humour. It is a work of literary genius by a great storyteller.

“The book is a reminder that our liberation struggle drew overwhelming support from ordinary men and women whose stories are yet to be told.

“Comrade Saul has told his story. May his work inspire others to also chronicle their life stories in the fight against apartheid and in serving our country.” 

Another riveting review came from Len Kalane, former Editor-in-Chief of City Press and author of the recently published book, “The Chapter we Wrote: The City Press Story”, reviewed the book:

“The book, how shall I put it (?), is a complete epitome of applied oxymoron – in presentation, experience and expression and above all, its unalloyed honesty and sincerity; low on ego and high on substance. It is the little book big on matter, a simple and humbled narrative without being simplistic. Except that it is all so real, painful and sometimes delightful in execution reminding us we are all so vulnerable, owing our being, welfare and existence to very powerful forces and energies that are frighteningly so invincible and untouchable, yet so powerful, unleashing and delivering their message, power and strength in a merciless and often grotesque display and show of love. That’s the paradox. God takes us through pain and misery to demonstrate love.

“The book’s narrative is drawn from an interesting triangle: You, family and the hospital, and by extension humanity – all so well woven to tell a tale of the little things we so often take for granted. You are a master story teller. I now have more respect, more than ever, for your wife Tshepo. May God bless you two even in more ways – your letter to God will soon be answered. Watch the postman! You have met your Damascus, a modern day Saul to Paul situation. Indeed meet this new soul (this new Saul)!

“By the way Pompei was felled by a volcano, not earthquake. Remember also: Airports Company South Africa, not Airports Company of South Africa. There are other small irritants, minor but crucial to correct over a bottle of something. God Bless, a gallant victory my man.”

Here’s a selection of the comments, in verbatim, on Facebook by the readers. These comments are on his timeline:

Makwena Modimola: “I have just finished reading Saul Kgomotso Molobi’s ‘Sound and Fury: The Chronicles of Healing’. Molobi manages to tackle various themes in his well written and encapsulating memoir. First of all, you expect to read about moments and time of a process of healing. However, he weaves many aspects of his life which touch on youth politics, school bullying, university activism and family dynamics, etc. Firstly, you learn about his career progression, which started off as a writer and how he ended up in Diplomatic Corps and how his career therein ended. His memoir captures his colourful life, sad at times but rich in life lessons. Molobi manages to laugh at his ‘disability’ and poignantly teaches about the state of the public health both negative and positive. It is a story of challenge and triumph. A must read if you want to learn about compassion and rising above all odds.”

Moyahabo Anna Seemola: “Thanks Bra saul Kgomotso Molobi for an inspiring journey… My weekend read. I appreciate you and Pheliwines salutes you.”

Royal Dora: “Thank you for photographing your journey of healing in such an amicable way… I just started reading but am already intoxicated by your style of writing… Thank you for sharing your life with us here a part of me indeed witnessed the miracles I had my “Ah Lord” moments manier times when I read your posts – little did I know the turmoil, I am indeed stunned by such resilience!

Zain Bulbulia: “Comrade Saul Kgomotso Molobi thanks for sharing your moments of healing it just brought back my memories of 22 years when I got shot and paralysed from chest down. Chapter 3 when you talk about the young nurses giggling when they came to bath you wow I experienced the same. If it was not for our family, close friends and ward mates it would be a struggle as people are finding it now to be in COVID-19 isolation. I remember visiting you at the Steve biko Rehabilitation Centre and you laid in bed after OT (occupational therapy) session very upbeat I explained to you what I went through and you listened and soaked in the overload information. Your fight and dedication is a true comrde that not only stood up for our liberation of the country but made sure that Guillian Barre Syndrome not get the better of you…”

Lebo Nkadimeng: “This book is documenting his rise on challenges he faced in the past years. Every person needs to read this book, it’s testament of never ever giving up in life, it’s never over until you say it’s done. Congratulations bra Saul for being an inspiration to many of us and sharing your life story with everyone. 

Here’s Saul Molobi’s interview on the SABC’s Morning Live show:


Order your e-book/Kindle copy for $9,99 here https://www.amazon.com/Sound-Fury-Chronicles-Saul-Molobi-ebook/dp/B087289ZN