Jambo Africa Online had to face-to-face encounter with Stephanie Chiamaka Micheal, the brains behind the Festival Of Nigeria (FON)…

JAMBO AFRICA ONLINE: Who is Stephanie Chiamaka Micheal?

STEPHANIE CHIAMAKA MICHEAL: I am a child of Africa. Specifically, I am a woman from the Igbo tribe in eastern Nigeria. However, I grew up in South Africa. But often, I say I was raised by stories on television and in books. They helped me travel across the globe while sitting on my living room couch. Those stories shaped me into who I am today, a storyteller. I say I am a storyteller because that is what I do regardless of the medium I find myself in. When I am engaging in photography, when I write a film script, when I produce an ad campaign, and even when I organise an event, I am still trying to tell a story.

What story are you trying to tell through the Festival of Nigeria?

I am trying to tell a love story. It is a romantic one. Two countries with citizens often at loggerheads, competing for the title of Africa’s giant, for one day put aside all their differences and come together to celebrate each other’s excellence and give courage to those who are making a positive impact in society. It is a true love story of two excellent African nations, Nigeria and South Africa, choosing love, peace, and unity above all.

That’s a beautiful way to describe the event. Can you let people know how to participate in this event?

Yes, of course. You can be part of our beautiful love story on the 14th of October in Randburg, Johannesburg by purchasing a ticket on Ticketpro. You can also partner with us or be a vendor at the event. Simply email us at festivalofnigeria@gmail.com or call/WhatsApp us at +27 68 212 7686. We are open to businesses and people from all over the world.

What can people all over the world expect at the Festival of Nigeria?

Expect a whole lot of FON – F O N. From enjoying delicious Nigerian delicacies, a market that never ends, a bounce house for the kids, henna or lalle artistic skin painting, a 360-degree video booth, and much more. We have artists from all over the continent participating in our event. We have a visual artist from Enugu State, Nigeria, called Ojuwku, Petros Mwenga from Zimbabwe, Comedian Angel Gabriel, fast-rising artist Muller, and much more. It is not an event like you’ve seen before. We have authentic Nigerian cultural bands, dancers, and masquerades. It is a feast for the senses.

Sounds like a lot of FON. I cannot wait to attend.

Well, buy your ticket now and you may win R10,000 or other prizes. If you buy ten tickets, you will get one free. The ticket goes for R100 regular and R300 for a VIP experience. All the information regarding how to claim your prize can be obtained via email or contact number as well as social media pages.

I am buying a ticket for myself and my entire friend group. I want to win that prize.

Well, let me not slow you down. It’s been a pleasure talking to you. Now let’s have FON.


Get Your Tickets Now and Let’s Have FON:

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