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Farmers Pride International has the distinguished honour of meeting with His Majesty King Letsitsa III of the Kingdom of Lesotho to engage in discussions centered around rural development and economic empowerment. The meeting, held on 10 and 11 June, focused on strategies to enrich the lives of people in rural areas and drive sustainable growth. 

While President Hunter Elfas Mcloud Shangwa headquartered in Botswana and Professor Kevin Wilson CEO based in the USA were busy with other priorities and projects, the meeting was attended by prominent representatives from Farmers Pride International and other esteemed guests. 

Donald Pillai, COO of FPI, the Hunter’s Global Network and associated companies was accompanied by H.R.M. Amb. Abp. Dr King Mayongo Lubelo II Mpembe of AMAMPEMBE CONTINENTAL ROYAL KINGDOM NPCand HRH. PARAMOUNT CHIEF ARCHBISHOP. DR MOLAPO ELIAH QHALADIRA NKITSENG.

His Majesty King Letsitsa III warmly welcomed the delegation, emphasizing his commitment to advancing the welfare of rural communities and promoting economic opportunities within his kingdom.

The discussions revolved around identifying key areas of collaboration and implementing initiatives that would bring about positive change in rural regions. Among the topics explored were:

Agriculture and Agribusiness: Recognizing the vital role of agriculture in rural development, participants deliberated on ways to enhance agricultural productivity, improve access to modern farming techniques, and promote value addition within the agricultural sector. Strategies were discussed to empower farmers through training programs, access to credit, and market linkages to ensure sustainable livelihoods.

Energy and Infrastructure: The meeting acknowledged the significance of reliable energy and robust infrastructure in driving rural development. The parties explored potential partnerships to provide affordable and renewable energy solutions to rural communities, as well as infrastructural development projects that would enable better access to markets, education, and healthcare services.

Mining and Natural Resources: The discussions included responsible and sustainable mining practices that would harness the natural resources available in the kingdom while preserving the environment and ensuring equitable benefits for local communities. Collaboration on skill development, technology transfer, and community engagement were highlighted as crucial elements in this regard.

Entrepreneurship and Economic Empowerment: His Majesty King Letsitsa III stressed the importance of fostering an entrepreneurial culture in rural areas. The meeting highlighted the need to support local entrepreneurs, provide them with access to capital, and equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to establish successful enterprises. Discussions also focused on promoting women’s economic empowerment and ensuring their active participation in economic activities.

Farmers Pride International expressed their commitment to working closely with His Majesty King Letsitsa III and his government to translate the shared vision into actionable projects. The organizations pledged to contribute expertise, resources, and investments to empower rural communities, create sustainable livelihoods, and foster inclusive growth.

The meeting concluded with an agreement to establish a joint working group that would oversee the implementation of identified initiatives and monitor progress. Regular exchanges and collaboration between the organisations and the kingdom were emphasised to ensure effective outcomes and continuous support to rural development and economic empowerment.

The discussions held during this meeting signify a pivotal moment in advancing rural development efforts in the African continent. The shared commitment to inclusivity, sustainability, and economic empowerment will undoubtedly pave the way for a brighter future for rural communities throughout the continent of Africa and beyond.


About Farmers Pride International:

Farmers Pride International is a renowned agricultural organization committed to improving farmers’ lives, enhancing food security, and promoting sustainable agricultural practices globally. Through innovative solutions, knowledge-sharing, and capacity-building initiatives.

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Hunter’s Global Network is a leading international organization dedicated to fostering sustainable development, promoting economic growth, and addressing social challenges worldwide. With a diverse portfolio of projects and partnerships, Hunter’s Global Network strives to create positive impact in communities and empower individuals to build a better future.

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