Jambo Africa Online’s Publisher, SAUL MOLOBI, draws from the company’s illustrious profile to put a spotlight on a trailblazing dynamo, KK Diaz… 

KK Diaz is a business and brand strategist, 6-times author and a world renowned speaker. He currently serves as CEO of A-Game Business Consulting, a growth-hacking and digital marketing agency that provides innovative strategies to help companies improve business performance, revenue and brand equity.

He helps companies around the world to implement innovative business strategies, digital marketing tactics, processes and systems for transformative sustainable growth.

KK Diaz is the originator of the methodology and author of “The A-Game Business Blueprint”

– a multifaceted approach and collaborative ecosystem designed to help businesses achieve 10X- Growth. His latest book, “Thrive”, helps business leaders unlock digital transformation, remain relevant and avoid disruption. His series of training programmes, workshops, online courses, books and articles help business executives and entrepreneurs gain a holistic view of strategy, marketing, sales and operations as a set of business processes that can and should be clearly defined, and therefore easily repeatable within the business for long-term success.

KK is also an accredited facilitator of programmes that assist individuals and teams to harness their natural energy for maximum contribution and performance. He is also the youngest certified facilitator of “The Dealmaker Programme”, where he teaches business people about the principles of deal making and negotiation as tools for increasing profitability in their business deals.

KK also facilitates “Mindset Change” as well as “Leadership Development” programmes to help companies create a culture of positive passionate people who can adapt and thrive in times of rapid change and challenge.

His riveting keynote speech titles include the following:

  • Climb Your Mountain (Based off his epic climb of Mt Kilimanjaro)
  • Mindset Change for Success
  • Secrets To Goal Execution
  • How To Unlock Growth Through Digital Transformation
  • 8-Steps To Digital MArketing Success
  • 5 Tactics For A10X Growth Strategy
  • How to maximize individual and team performance
  • Leadership, and 
  • The Power of Influence.

“We equip businesspeople with innovative strategies, knowledge and the digital technology they need to improve business performance and to increase brand equity,” KK says matter-of-factly.

“Essentially the company drives business model innovation, digital marketing, people development and using digital technology to help companies improve business performance and to increase brand equity.

“We serve clients that have a key focus on High-GROWTH and RAPID Strategy Execution so they too can THRIVE even during the most turbulent of times.”

The company boasts a team of highly experienced and accomplished entrepreneurs, capable consultants, thought leaders and business experts who have niche specialisation and have worked and applied their skills and expertise across various industries around the world.

“Our Mission is to equip business people with the knowledge, strategies and tools they need to grow,” he posits.

The company’s offerings

Business Strategy Facilitation & Report

Creating a strategy for growth provides an effective framework for positive change and helps to re-focus the business on achieving its Strategic Vision.

“Using our 8-Steps Strategy Puzzle methodology, in a matter of days, and followed up with the preparation of a Business Strategy Report, we assist our clients to develop a coherent strategic plan for implementation.”

The A-Game Business Strategy Development Sessions gives their  clients:

  • A robust basis for more detailed planning.
  • A model for making informed decisions.
  • Clarity when explaining the business and vision in order to inform, motivate and involve others.
  • Benchmarking and performance monitoring.
  • Positive stimulus for change and a clear focus for growth.
  • A clear plan of action for implementing the strategy.

“70% of businesses miss their growth goals. This is because a growth strategy typically doesn’t exist. If it does exist, then it’s likely poorly defined and is not supported by a strategy execution and performance monitoring framework.

“A poorly defined strategy causes confusion and uncertainty and makes it difficult and often impossible to successfully execute. A lack of strategy execution monitoring means not knowing if the company is doing what is required to achieve its goals.”

  • XLRTR is a web and mobile app business leaders use to guide their people to work together consistently towards achieving a common strategic vision.
  • It is a business strategy execution and balanced scorecard system that monitors and measures a company’s strategy execution efforts and guides the people in the business on where adjustments should be made to meet strategic goals.
  • XLRTR ensures the growth basics are attended to so companies can focus on executing and scaling.

DIGITAL Marketing Toolkit and SUPPORT

With the right digital marketing tools and support, a business can thrive even during the most difficult of times.

“We have the tools, complementary skills and experience to help a client create a compelling digital marketing strategy to enhance their brand equity, to get more customers and grow their business.”

The company helps their clients to:

  • Define and better express their company’s brand and value proposition.
  • Conceptualize an attractive professional corporate identity to support the new market positioning.
  • Develop their websites, social media and other digital client-facing assets through which leads, clients and other stakeholders interact with them.
  • Implement the required digital marketing and sales toolkit, lead magnets, newsletters and sales funnels to attract the right quality and quantity of leads in pursuit of 10X’ing their revenue.
  • Provide them with the training, coaching and hand-holding needed to equip and empower their teams to successfully execute a winning marketing and sales strategy.

4-pillar Business Process Development

KK constantly reminds his clients about the wisdom of Dr John Demartini when he says: “A company can only grow and scale to the point that its processes and systems allows.”

He amplifies thus by asserting that when business processes are not standardized, poorly defined, or based on informal personal communications, the end result can be a logistical mess.

“We help our clients to understand, design, document and automate business processes that drive operational efficiency.”

The 4-Pillar Business Development Solution helps business people to:

  • Formulate effective business processes for operational efficiency and consistency.
  • Reduce dependency on the business owner\s and managers.
  • Improve internal controls and security.
  • Minimize costs related to staff training.
  • Enhance customer experience.

“Strong business systems ensure the right structural foundations are in place to allow businesses to assess their existing operations, define an appropriate strategy and adjust their operational tactics accordingly,” he muses. 

To help clients achieve this, they help their clients to implement digital technology and business systems so that they:

  • Have their operations aligned to their strategic goals so that everyone in the business will know what to do and how to do it in order to steer the business forward.
  • Enhance the scalability and profitability of thrir business model – and be able to deliver a unique value proposition that clearly separates them from their competitors.
  • Be process-dependent as well as self-sustainable by empowering the client’s executives to better manage, evaluate and improve overall business performance on an on-going basis.

One of the Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) projects KK and his team have worked on over the last few years is at Royal Bafokeng Enterprise Development where they provided training as well as continued SME business development services for approximately 30 entrepreneurs.

Currently the company is running an Phase 3 of their A-Game Business Blueprint SME Accelerator program for 10 Start-up Entrepreneurs.

Below are some of our training workshops and programmes:

1. Business Model Innovation

2. 8-Step Sales Process and Account-Based Marketing

3. The Sales Closer

4. 8-Step Marketing Automation Method

5. Negotiation and Dealmaking

6. Customer Service & Customer Experience

7. Social Media Management

8. 4-Pillar Business Process Development

9. 8-Step Business Strategy Puzzle

10. Branding, Online & Social Media Marketing

11. Business and Report Writing

12. Basic Finance & Bookkeeping

13. Maximising Team Contribution

14. Project Management

15. Presentation Skills

16. Optimise Your Performance

17. Emotional Intelligence

18. Transformational Leadership (SETA Accredited)

19. Management Principles (SETA Accredited)

20. Managing Teams (SETA Accredited)

21. Strategic Management (SETA Accredited)

22. Problem Solving & Decision Making (SETA Accredited)

23. Time Management – It’s About Time’ (SETA Accredited)

24. Effective Meeting Skills

25. Performance Management (SETA Accredited)

26. Monitoring And Evaluation Of Organisational Initiatives

27. Change Management

28. Call Centre Training

29. Administrative Office Procedures

30. Cyber Security


Kim Meredith, CEO – The Dealmaker Company: “KK has been actively involved with The Dealmaker Company for nearly a decade. He is one of my most trusted facilitators and business partners. We’ve worked with diverse clients on a wide range of projects together, and his delivery has always exceeded my highest expectations. His meticulous and considered approach means that he never disappoints any stakeholders. KK is also my personal sounding board – I trust him implicitly.”

Tebogo Mekgoe, Head of MBA – Henley Business School Africa: “KK Diaz is the best example I’ve ever seen in a classroom of someone skillfully shifting people from the comfort zone of not knowing what they don’t know, through the insecurity of knowing what they don’t know, and ultimately giving them the confidence of knowing what to do and ultimately how to improve themselves. This he did, on three different occasions, in a six-hour session with different groups of labour union leaders, who thought they were experts at negotiations at the start of the day, but quickly realised they didn’t know much, and in fact were terrible at the art and science of negotiation. By the end of the day, the shift in in all three groups leaders’ awareness and ability to negotiate was nothing short of remarkable. It’s testament to KK’s skill of drawing people in, making them feel comfortable enough to surrender to him to help navigate the mine field that is negotiations and deal making.”

Raghmah Solomon, CEO – Vortex Design Solutions: “A-Game Business is a uniquely skilled business. They are extremely persistent, knowledgeable and thorough. A great addition to my team for achieving my business goals in social media and marketing. I love efficient companies!”

Westleigh Wilkinson, Former Director – Workshop 17: “We were blown away by the success of the sales training conducted by KK Diaz, taking brand new salespeople and experienced heads through a process that really galvanized the team. I recommend the sales training that KK has taken us through to any sales team, anywhere and from any industry. We really appreciate it and have seen great results from it.”

Kgomotso Sekhute, CEO – Penologic: “Thank you to A-Game Business for all the support through the implementation of our digital marketing strategy. I’m pleased to say just one of the posts reached 5 500 views in a matter of days with no budget, and the numbers have gone up much higher since. Our webinars have gained traction since we started with you and we look forward to implementing our inbound marketing tactics.”

Jo-Anne Hay, Human Nature Consulting: “I had the privilege of working through a business model session with KK Diaz. His experience and knowledge really shone through in this session. KK is a true and natural entrepreneur and has a real passion to share his knowledge and expertise. The session with KK was hugely valuable and I look forward to working with him going ahead. I know that my business will benefit from this partnership.”

Accreditation and Partnerships

A-Game Business Consulting partners with global companies to help clients create a profitable marriage out of long term strategy and day to day operations – in the form of strong, quantifiable strategies, methodologies, processes and business systems.



To book KK Diaz for a workshop, consultation or keynote speech, kindly contact them on:

Mobile: +27(0)76 293 3049

Email: info@agamebusiness.com  

Website: www.agamebusiness.com