abOVEnormal fitness APP is a virtual lifestyle mentor/coach designed to help you take power of your life holistically by living and enjoying a balanced lifestyle while achieving the limitless to perform beyond average in every area of your life. It will help you to manage your time. It will help you to take control of your finances, increase your physical strength and energy, plus get you in touch with your spiritual side.

It’s platform to also connect you with like-minded people and communities and forge healthy and meaningful relationships while having the best time of your life. This equals to a meaningful, happier and productive life.

It will also give you inspiration and encouragement while boosting your selfconfidence. It will also help you identify and heal from traumas and issues that may be presently impacting your life in a toxic way.

It will help structure and coordinate your life to be able to function optimally. The aim is to empower you to find solutions and potential within, using mechanisms that are tailored for your unique wiring.

abOVEnormal is a holistic (body, mind and soul) fitness brand ( it helps to achieve optimum fitness through a lifestyle of non-conformity, non-confinement, resilience and resistance to situations, circumstances and attitudes that are limiting). It is formulated in multiple products, programs and platforms.

Its strategic objectives are as follows:

• To promote national unity in diversity.
• To contribute to the healing of the nation
• To encourage collaboration and working together for the well being of the nation.
• To accelerate the process of transformation and making it an inclusive process.
• To inspire the spirit of social-cohesion.

The APP is launched this afternoon at the prestigious multiple award winning The Houghton Hotel: Luxury Spa, Wellness and Golf Retreat in Johannesburg.

For more information contact Nxalati Hlongwane 0725162675