Achieving success in the business world requires the ability to conceptualise innovative public relations, marketing strategies and lead teams throughout campaign executions and programme launches. 

Shantui PR, an African based public relations agency, which is headed by a creative and successful professional with over 10 years of experience, has led a career and business that directs high-impact public relations (PR), marketing, and communications initiatives. The agency is well prepared to offer these strengths – and many others – to make a significant impact on the bottom-line of the companies that it engages. 

It is well established to be known as one of the leading professional agencies that specialises in science, technology, engineering, defence, aerospace, maritime, mining, corporate, consumer and government communications with a highly motivated results-driven and innovative team. 

As the founder and Chief Implementation Officer of the agency, I , know that contrary to the belief that public relations is only needed for large corporations, public relations strategies are necessary to turn any business, big or small into a successful well-sought-after brand.  

With the agency’s international experience and a knack for identifying unique differentiators for successful strategies and turning these into real client results, I and my team, known as Architects of Perception, have a passion for developing small businesses from inception or point of expansion through lived case studies, best practice and monitoring trends to create strategies that will develop the small business into a high performing entity leading to its sustainability through employing similar processes as those by corporate. 

My experience as a serial entrepreneur has taught me to understand the plight of establishing a business and leading it from survivor mode to sustainability. 

From developing overall business strategies and producing targeted campaigns to spearheading PR efforts and utilising social media tools to maximise brand exposure, the agency’s expertise can be leveraged to enable successful marketing and communications strategies. The aim of the agency is to help companies to achieve their growth objectives. With the capacity to employ persuasive communication skills that influence public perception, coupled with a proven history of developing trusting and lasting relationships, Shantui PR is prepared to substantially impact the success of most organisations.

As a company, we engage in creating publicity opportunities and positioning, strategic direction, media relations, social media strategy and the management thereof. Through devising and implementing public relations and marketing strategies for both internal and external audiences, engaged in the coordinating of thought leadership opportunities, stakeholder engagements and advising on how to best position leaders, products and services provided, the agency is well on its way to be known as the “Architect of Perception”. The strategies that are developed are further integrated into investor relations, marketing, sales, advertising and corporate social investment initiatives and extended to the business expansion programmes and advocacy processes.

With skills centred on reputation management through media relations, advertising, crisis management, image creation and the management of publicity events, Shantui PR provides the full spectra of PR and marketing services to the science, technology, engineering, defence, aerospace, maritime and mining industry as well as corporate and government organisations and most importantly to emerging businesses of varying sizes so that they can:

Increase brand credibility to be credible or trustworthy in the eyes of the consumer, good PR is needed in the form of positive discourse. This could be through stories, write up’s, reviews and opinions from the outside world. The outside world being the public, media publications – these promote authenticity and visibility. The coverage generated from these creates an unbiased, genuine dialogue that then generates brand credibility.  

Create brand awareness through concepts that stimulate awareness and demand for products. Having a good brand is an intangible business asset. PR agencies are all about building a positive brand image. The result is to have a brand that consumers value and engage with. 

Attracting the right target market/lead markets which is a large part of a PR strategy is decimated to communicating the right messages to the right people. PR agencies identify the publicity and media sources to cater to a target-specific market. The imagery and dialogue curated by a PR team around the product has the ability to set you apart from the rest. Strategic PR plans allow clients to be positioned to positively and uniquely market their products. Enabling the, to demonstrate knowledge, experience and skills to the consumer. 

The public relations function plays a pivotal role in assessing public attitudes, maintaining relationships and communicating. It improves communication channels and facilitates a better two-way flow of information and understanding. Overall,  PR agencies are responsible for centring on reputation management through media relations, advertising, crisis management, image creation and the management of publicity events. 

Our proven success in achieving corporate PR and marketing objectives, along with our comprehensive expertise in developing strategic initiatives and programmes throughout all levels of the business cycle, has contributed immensely to the success of programmes and companies through:

  • Stakeholder engagement strategies that saw the creation of trade links for small businesses and members of the National Employers’ Association of South Africa with relevant government departments that provide support and opportunities to SMMEs through the Gauteng Economic Development Department, SA National Roads Agency (SANRAL), City of Tshwane Metro and the dtic’s Trade and Investment SA (TISA) and Massmart.
  • The support to organisations such as the South African ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC); the Gender-based Violence Strategic Plan Steering Committee; Communications Arts, Advertising, Marketing, Media & Public Relations Academy (CAAMMP); Thabo Mbeki Foundation; Business Women’s Association (BWA); the SA Air Force (SAAF); and UNISA Communications Students, on a voluntary basis, allowed the agency to introduce its expertise to organisations that would otherwise not have the resources to implement their own PR strategies. This has strengthened the agency’s ability to advise its clients on participation in Corporate Social Investment (CSI) and Enterprise Development Initiatives (EDI). This form of participation positions clients to be known as caring, good corporate neighbours in the communities that they operate in.  
  • Media relations is an important part of PR, as it promotes authenticity through the content that is consumed which is published on trust, truth and merit. The support provided to clients is of paramount importance to curb crisis and to maintain reputations in the public space even by availing the agency as a spokesperson in the event that the client is not media trained – this service was previously done for organsaitions such as Denel Dynamics and the Agricultural Research Council (ARC). 
  • The team at Shantui PR has extensive experience in the hosting and supporting of international events that would require increased brand awareness, project management and protocol understanding and management, expressing that public relations is as important in encouraging and influencing the right and relevant audience to events such as the Africa Aerospace and Defence Show, the Hotel Investment Conference Africa, International Astronautical Congress to name a few. 

Shantui PR is in the business of image creation and lives by its tagline, “Architects of Perception”. It is also in business to identify key talent in the Creative Industry and provide opportunities to new entrants given the entry constraints. 

As a business, being sustainable and profitable is what the bottom-line goal is while we change the trajectory, narrative and perceptions about the clients we serve who are largely from the beautiful continent of Africa, supporting government programmes for the development of communities and are champions of a united Africa that is not dark. 


Shantall Ramatsui is the Founder and Chief Implementation Officer at Shantui PR, contactable on or +27 71 457 8289