By Cindy Euston-Brown

The African Agri Council (AAC) is delighted to announce that DEG, the investment arm of German state-owned leader in development finance, KFW, will be participating at the Investment Food Forum in Berlin in June. DEG has been a reliable partner to companies in the private sector and to financial service providers in developing countries for almost 60 years.  
Director of  Industries & Services Africa & EMECA, Franziska Hollmann, is joining our star-studded line-up of Agri executives, investors and industry experts at the Investment Food Forum  that will now take place on 18 – 20  July at Estrel Hotel in Berlin.
The Investment Food Forum (IFF) will highlight African and global investment opportunities in agrifood and will offer attendees a comprehensive overview of the food investment landscape, tracking the flow of capital and asset performances in leading economic regions. 

Many relevant investment opportunities are in geographies unfamiliar to some investors, and their profitability rests not only on crop yields but also on how different parts of the value chain perform. IFF provides in-depth due diligence, technical, operational and strategic investment sessions covering the global food and agribusiness value chain.
The forum will cover current market analysis and forecasts to remove uncertainties and provide much needed clarity for informed decision making. Our closed sessions experts will identify and evaluate the right investment opportunities through in-depth analysis linked to policymaking as well as global supply and demand movements, providing the rationale for investment in agrifood.
IFF 2022 will bring African and global executives representing lenders, financiers, investors, agribusinesses, commercial farmers, co-ops and government officials – to promote and boost private sector investments and financing in African food and agribusiness. 
IFF will combine B2B meetings, technical and touristic site visits, engaging networking receptions, interactive table top exhibits and high level presentations. Join these forward thinking agri-leaders as they present case studies and discuss in depth due diligence, technical and strategic investment opportunities in leading and emerging economies. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to meet regional and international stakeholders in one place.

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