InspiringFifty is an initiative run by accelerateHER that aims to increase diversity in tech by making women role models more visible.

The InspiringFifty programme was established to spotlight the incredible women excelling in tech careers, first in the Netherlands and increasingly around the world.

In 2018, accelerateHER and InspiringFifty teamed up to launch the first UK list in recognition of the wealth of tech talent here.

These trailblazers, innovators and boss women play a major role in challenging the industry’s norms of what makes a leader. The InspiringFifty are important role models for encouraging more girls and women in technology, as well as inspiring future leaders and entrepreneurs to follow in their footsteps. Role models must be seen to be truly effective… because seeing is believing. You can’t be what you can’t see.

Supporters of InspiringFifty, both men and women, champion women and minorities in tech and value the positive impact that increased diversity has on everything from business growth and innovation to culture and productivity. They recognize diversity and inclusion as a strategic opportunity. They know being a role model and acting upon that, is key in making a change.

Some of the InspiringFifty you will know, others you might not – but all should be on your radar as incredible women shaping the future.

South Africa has just awarded this year’s sources of inspiration, and Dr Majavu is one of them. “I am inspiring fifthy South Africa 2021 winner. The Inspiring Fifty is a phenomenal and much-needed platform in South Africa, where leaders and innovators like myself can connect and exchange ideas on galvanizing its strength.

 “I am super proud that I am a part of the #InspiringFifty platform and that I am truly an inspiring role model to girls and young women in STEM. I believe that as women in STEM/Mining/ #I50, we are unique and wonderfully made. We are truly special to add to historically patriarchal leadership that is still pervasive in science today.

“It was really an honour to attend the in-person award ceremony that took place on the 23rd March 2022 in Pretoria presented by H.E. Han Peters, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in South Africa.  To add on top, indeed it was a great opportunity to meet peers, engage fellow nominees and celebrate together as 50 winners of 2021 competition.”