I see you.

I see the sleepless nights, the doubts you work so hard to overcome.

I see the days and months you go on without getting paid.

I see those moments you sit in your car staring at the yellow light telling you that you have run out of petrol and you wonder and pray to reach home.

I see those moments you have to swallow your pride yet once again to ask for money from your family member, yet once again.

I see those tears alone in your closed office, when everyone thinks you are the boss, and deep down you know that business has been so bad, the bank just repossessed the car.

I see the frustrations you get when a client delays that payment you worked so hard for and that was your last hope for the month.

I see your trembling hands when you are making that all important pitch of your life, you poured your heart and soul into it and you can only pray that all goes well.

I see that moment when you get that letter that says your application was not successful.

I see those moments where after countless failures, you start to question and doubt yourself.

I see those moments where people don’t trust that you will deliver quality service.

I see those moments where your friends are progressing and acquiring things and you are still stuck on making sales and getting clients.

I see the hustling, the grit and determination that keep you going.

I see the incredible dreams you have. For yourself. For your family.

The longing… the incredible longing for greatness.

You want to leave a mark on the world. To create something that is yours.

I see the days filled with split testing, market research, content creation… How time begins to run together after a while.

I see the exhaustion, the gratifying exhaustion after you have worked into the night to prepare your next launch.

I see how driven, intelligent and strong you are. The incredible strength you possess.

I see the fear that tries to creep in, while you are on this crazy roller coaster ride.

I see those moments when you make a difference in someone’s life through your business, doing work that matters.

I see how it bothers you, that your family and friends don’t understand. How can they? They have never lived a life like this!

They have never risked it all to pursue their dreams. Maybe they never heard the call for more… Or maybe they just never answered it out of fear.

But you did. I did. And I see you.

I see what drives you… Purpose. Desire. Freedom.

You were meant for more, so much more.

So chase your dreams, relentlessly. Never be ashamed of your drive and ambition

You are going to make mistakes, trip and fall, pick yourself, dust yourself off, raise your head and face the world.

Celebrate the wins and learn from your losses.

Just. Keep. Going.

You are making your mark. Your time is now.

The world needs more people like you. 

You’re brave. You’re changing things. You are MORE.

You are an entrepreneur.

You matter.

And I see you.


Dr Roche Mamabolo [PhD] is an author, blogger, entrepreneur, mentor and most of all, a teacher. He’s the Managing Director at the Lora Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. For more information, please contact him on roche.mamabolo@gmail.com