At the invitation of AU’s Youth and woman, Mona Ahmed Hassan, the cultural diplomatic researcher and alumni of Nasser Fellowship for International Leadership participated in Pan African Youth Forum held in Women, Gender, and Youth Directorate (WGYD) of the African Union Commission from 1 to 3 November in the presence of a group of youth leaders as representatives of National Youth Councils from 55 African countries and African Union leaders who are concerned with youth, including Daniel Obal, Presidential advisor on Youth affairs, Uganda, Omar Abdi, the Deputy Executive Director for programmes at UNICEF, Ahunna Eziakonwa, UNDP Assistant Administrator and Regional Director for Africa and Chido Mpemba, Youth Envoy at AU.

In a related context, Forum had a set of sessions and panel discussions including discussing ways to create opportunities for youth as part of 1 Million Next Level Initiative and the role of youth in transforming education in Africa, and youth consultation on engaging positive masculinity to eliminate violence against women and girls. Moreover, holding a workshop on health and well-being in partnership between public and private sectors, a session entitled “The Role and Contribution of Young UN Women in Peace Processes in AU and UNECA”. Finally, a panel discussion on women role in social entrepreneurship in Africa.

Participants were divided into five groups each of which consisted of 10 participants from different countries and were assigned to find solution for several issues such as unemployment, women role in elimination all forms of violence in society especially gender-based violence within the framework of MOCAAP which represents six key themes: mobilization, guidance, activation, invitation and partnerships.

Mona Hassan stated that she was responsible for facilitating a panel discussion and developing recommendations and solutions for women role in eliminating violence then present them to assessors at the plenary session of the forum where the winner group was scheduled to be chosen according to the power and enforceability of solutions. She pointed out that the group’s name Global Citizen was chosen based on her decision, saying that they offered about 4 solutions for each theme and that her recommendations impressed the assessors at the plenary session which let them finish the second place.

It is worth mentioning that Nasser Fellowship for International Leadership aims at conveying the Egyptian experience in building national institutions. It was founded in 2019 under the auspices of the Egyptian Prime Minister and coincided with Egypt’s presidency of the African Union to be an African-African initiative. It was then expanded in batch 2 in 2021 to encompass three continents: Asia, Africa and Latin America under the slogan “South-South Cooperation”. In June 2022, batch 3 was held with the participation of non-aligned and friendly countries, reaching a total of 420 youth leaders from 65 countries around the world under the slogan “South-South Cooperation and Youth of the Non-Aligned Movement” and under the auspices of the Egyptian president AbdelFattah Elsisi.